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Foreigners also like to wear Chinese cheongsam?

Cheongsam, the most oriental color clothing, has always been the representative of "beauty"

By Egg LemmonPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Foreigners also like to wear Chinese cheongsam?
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Cheongsam, the most oriental color of clothing, has always been the representative of "beauty".

If you ask what are the most powerful elements of Chinese cultural output, then cheongsam is definitely on the list.

Cheongsam is the most powerful element of Chinese cultural export

Can perfectly outline the female figure, but also does not look gaudy, on the contrary, the cheongsam light slit, but can set off a woman from the inside out of elegant beauty.

This kind of shy beauty can not only show the elegant beauty of oriental women but also be highly sought after in the world.

Almost every country's top flow of people has had the experience of wearing cheongsam.

The most remarkable one is that in 2017 when Trump visited our country, his wife Melanie, accompanied him.

The most notable is that in 2017 when Trump visited our country, his wife, Melanie, accompanied him. At that time, Melanie was wearing a very oriental charm of a custom-made black cheongsam.


It is said that the black and red custom-made cheongsam worn by Melania at that time came from the hand of the designer of the internationally renowned design brand.

The cheongsam was fully integrated with Chinese elements, and on top of that, a circle of pink plush trim was added at the cuffs, which made the oriental charm of the cheongsam fit perfectly with the figure of western beauty.

Not only does it perfectly outline the height and figure of the model-born Melania, but also highlights all of her strengths.

It also gave her a dignified and elegant temperament. She won the reputation of "the first American fashion diplomacy" directly her.

There is no better way to become famous than this.

Ivanka wears a cheongsam, and the beauty is there

It is no coincidence that not only Melania has worn cheongsam, but her stepdaughter, Trump's favorite daughter, Ivanka, has also worn cheongsam.

Ivanka and Melania are both models and are known to be inseparable.

So, to "beat magic with magic", through the cheongsam to defeat Melania who became famous with the cheongsam, Ivanka also chose to wear the cheongsam, which is a completely reasonable thing.

But unfortunately, Ivanka's body is too rich, and her cheongsam should not be tailored, which led to Ivanka wearing a cheongsam, there is always a "rude" sense of beauty.

To put it bluntly: it is too rich, she looks a little bloated.

Ivanka is in a cheongsam, beauty is also there, just can not put her in front of Melania to compare. Otherwise, it will look bloated for Ivanka.

Similarly, Ivanka's cheongsam is not to be compared with her fashion writing, otherwise, it will also appear that she is "too rich".

The "flop" from Ivanka's cheongsam is not difficult to see a reason: cheongsam is beautiful, but it is not the right body to wear, to make the cheongsam outline the beauty.

The cheongsam is too strong to look rich, too thin cheongsam can not outline.

Of course, to avoid such an "embarrassing" moment, it is not difficult, as long as the tailor-made, generally will not turn over.

But if you talk about who wears cheongsam looks most beautiful, I think it is not Melania, but the Oriental beauty.

After all, Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck, who is of Chinese descent, is the "most beautiful" when she wears a cheongsam.

Yingluck is the "fourth generation of Chinese", her great-grandfather became a Cantonese, fled to Thailand, accumulated the original capital in Thailand, and single-handedly created the day-old Shinawatra family.

Yingluck, as a descendant of the Shinawatra family, not only enjoys the glory of the Shinawatra family but also recognizes her Chinese bloodline.

Their attitude towards China is also extremely close, and during her visit to China, she specially wore a red cheongsam that showed Chinese colors, setting off her oriental charm to the fullest.

The actual life of Yingla is legendary, compared to the history of Trump's rise to power.

The people who know about Trump know that although Trump seems to be "extra unreliable", but he is a veritable real estate king of the United States.

The depth of the bottom, so that people stagger.

But little is known: Trump took over the family when the Trump family is just moderately small, and Trump is the most unpopular father.

However, under such extreme circumstances, Trump not only succeeded in taking over the family but also brought the family to an unprecedented absolute peak.

This shows: how strong Trump's ability and strength, how strong. Yingluck, on the other hand, can match Trump!

Yingluck's history of rising to power may be considered the polar opposite of Trump's.

First of all, the Shinawatra family, is one of the top superpowers in Thailand, and Yingluck is the youngest in the family, so from childhood she is the most favored.

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

However, Yingluck, who grew up with glory, chose to start from the grassroots after graduation.

Such behavior not only proves her ability but also allows her to discover a lot of problems that cannot be seen in a high position.

After solving these "family business problems", Yingluck took over the family business and directly brought the family to new heights.

After her brother Thaksin fell into politics, Yingluck quickly retired from the helm of the family business, abandoning business and politics to save the family from the crisis.

After entering politics, Yingluck became the "most beautiful international prime minister" with her excellent face and superb ability.

So, to a certain extent, the difficulty factor of Yingluck's "holding on to the mountain" does not belong to Trump's "building the mountain".

Yingluck's face and her abilityhaveas won numerous applause and recognition.

The two attributes, which are given to her by the family she was born with, and her confident mindset, and the backstage pampering that gave her the aura and temperament, are the two attributes that are put in the cheongsam, which is a must.

This is why Yingluck's battle prowess is so remarkable when she puts on the cheongsam.

Because her body, not only the cheongsam can show Oriental charm and beauty, her temperament and aura, and her strong self-confidence, are the cheongsam's "master" needed qualities.

Yingluck's achievements are based on her own, which also makes her wear a cheongsam when she exudes a charm that only belongs to her.

This charm, Yingluck, became the "most beautiful prime minister", but also let her wear a cheongsam, became the international people wearing cheongsam, the best-looking one.

The greatest ability of cheongsam is to amplify one's beauty and show one's strengths to the fullest.

And Yingluck's sense of beauty is an aura that comes from the inside out.

Such a temperament, paired with her voluptuous and enchanting figure, allows her to put on the cheongsam, her beauty, is magnified without limit.

Thus becoming the crowd, the most shining one of the stars.

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