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Fashionable, Casual, and Practical - Eid Muslim fashion trend 2022

by suren Rathore 7 months ago in trends · updated 6 months ago
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Eid Muslim Clothing Trend 2022

Fashionable, Casual, and Practical - Eid Muslim fashion trend 2022
Photo by Gradikaa Aggi on Unsplash

Eid is still less than 6 months away. But usually, this time span is crucial for clothing manufacturers to prepare their products in order to welcome the Islamic Holidays around the world. It is in these months that designers start to design their special clothes, magens, resellers, and Lebaran fashion traders are ready to update their stock, and everyone hopes for His abundance of sustenance at that special time.

Eid clothes are usually made a little more luxurious than clothes on ordinary days, although they will not be as glamorous as the clothes we wear when attending parties. Of course, there will be a striking difference regarding the wearer. Teenage Muslim women, of course, have a much different style from their adult mothers. This time I want to discuss Muslim clothing for women in order to welcome Eid Al-Fitr.

Teen Muslim

By Yusron El Jihan on Unsplash

Dynamic, simple, and fashionable. That's the appropriate vocabulary to describe teenagers' tastes in clothing in general, including modest clothing. Teenagers will demand casual clothes that are practical and comfortable to wear. Loose trouser suits with loose blouse tops, tunics, or fashionable long-sleeved shirts or cardigans are perfect for them. To add to the elegant impression, you can also add a long outer which is currently being hit.

Wearing a robe with plain and calm colors is also suitable for teenagers. To be more comfortable, they can choose fabrics that can absorb sweat and cold on the skin such as t-shirts, Stella Super or Mosby. Of course, we have to remind our children to always comply with the Shari'ah rules in choosing clothes. Make sure they don't choose tight pants, combined with long tops that cover the hips and choose a matching and long veil that covers the chest.

Teenagers like to try and explore. Therefore, it is better for parents to give them the opportunity to choose the appropriate clothes, according to the limits that we have set. Thus, the child does not feel constrained by his freedom as well as being responsible for the trust given by his parents.

Adult Muslim Dress

By Muhammad Haikal Sjukri on Unsplash

Adult women usually have different tastes from their daughters. Graceful, a little glamorous, and elegant will be the main priority, although the practical side is still put forward. Adult women also feel freer to express their tastes considering their financial condition and freedom as independent women who are already married.

It's no wonder that during the Eid season like this, the robe will become the favorite target of adult Muslim women. And the choice of models, motifs, and colors will be very diverse. The good news is that as the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesian women are spoiled by domestic designers whose names are also flying in the global Muslim fashion design world. Then you will have no difficulty at all in choosing a design.

You can choose a glamorous metallic dress ala Anniesa Hasibuan, or a minimalist and elegant one like the design of Zaskia Sungkar. You can even combine modern batik with other fabrics, as has been trending in recent years. Considering that batik, songket, and weaving typical of the archipelago are now flying their prestige in the world of domestic and international fashion.

Even moms can also go back to the classics: an all-white suit according to tradition. Eid special moments seem incomplete without the existence of this type of fashion. And of course Sarimbu Muslim Clothing for the whole family. One of the traditions that many Muslim families in Indonesia have started to build. You can try it with your husband and beloved children.

Good luck.


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