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Everything You Should Know About Tennis Bracelets

by Aiden Smith 2 months ago in shopping
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Know About Tennis Bracelets

The term “tennis bracelet” was coined after pro tennis player Chris Evert dropped her diamond bracelet during the 1987 US Championship game. Evert requested that the match be paused as inspectors searched for her bracelet, all while fans and TV watchers looked on.

Chris Evert may well have been a tennis legend but also a fashionista. Evert’s most notable stylistic choice, nicknamed “The Ice Maiden,” was her diamond eternity bracelet.

The tennis bracelet has been referred to as the line diamond bracelet since that day. Immediately, jewelers began receiving orders for a “tennis bracelet.”

The line diamond bracelet has been known as the tennis bracelet since that day. Immediately, jewelers began receiving orders for a tennis bracelets. Spectators, tennis professionals, and the broader population have all been encouraged to wear diamond bracelets in the years just after the 1987 US Open.

What is a tennis bracelet all about?

Tennis bracelets are made out of tiny diamonds or stones that are linked together by a thin precious metal thread. Tennis bracelets are often constructed of 14K gold, platinum, or sterling silver as exquisite jewelry pieces.

Tennis bracelets have initially been referred to as “line diamond bracelets,” a term that is still used occasionally today. Like other items of jewelry, the tennis bracelet has acquired a title that is based on a well-known public gathering rather than its roots or purpose.

How to Evaluate a Tennis Bracelet’s Value?

To determine the authenticity of a diamond tennis bracelet, there are two things to consider. The first is the sort of metal used to manufacture the bracelet, and the second is the diamonds’ splendor.

Frequently, we are asked how much a tennis bracelet for men should cost. The cost of a tennis bracelet varies depending on the metal used, the number of diamonds used, and the diamonds’ size. Tennis bracelets start from around $2,500 and can go much higher from there. It is hard to indeed check the cost of a tennis bracelet with 1.5 carats of diamonds to a tennis bracelet with 3 carats of diamonds.

Tennis bracelets come in a wide range of metals. Rose gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, platinum, and white gold seem most prevalent.

Concerning a diamond tennis bracelet, there is no “ideal” metal. Instead, each element has its unique appearance and feel, making it more appealing to you. Because you’ll be wearing your tennis bracelet frequently, sturdiness is an essential factor to consider when selecting a material.

Fine jewelry san Antonio has platinum and gold guides and our 14K gold reference, which provide more comprehensive data on these metals.

You’ll like to examine the gems attentively with your unaided eye or with high-resolution imaging. The central diamonds in a wedding ring should always be verified to ensure a good grade. Nevertheless, because diamonds in diamond tennis bracelets are so tiny, evaluating them isn’t worth the money.

To put this in context, just the inspections for the 55 stones used in a standard tennis bracelet would cost close to $5,000. The diamonds used in tennis bracelets are not certified or verified because of their high price.

This necessitates purchasing your diamond tennis bracelet from a reliable and well-vetted merchant such as those who sell fine jewelry san Antonio. The artistry and elegance that went into producing any tennis bracelet is a big part of what you’re spending.

Make sure the diamonds you’re looking at have brilliance as you examine them. You also should make sure that the diamonds in the bracelet are eye clear (that is, free of visible flaws) and that the diamonds are white compared to the framework.

Styles of Tennis Bracelets and Their Settings.

Tennis bracelets come in a variety of designs. While most bracelets feature only one line or circle of diamonds, others have two or three different rows. Most tennis bracelets have round-cut diamonds, but other varieties, like this platinum tennis bracelet, feature emerald or princess cuts.

There are three types of settings: prong, channel, and bezel. Each design retains the stone firmly and has a distinct appearance. There is no “perfect” bracelet style, just as there is no “ideal” metal. Instead, the design you pick should be driven by personal choice.


A diamond usually has three or four prongs. In most 4K white gold tennis bracelets, the metal prongs keep the stone in place while allowing light to travel through the diamond’s pavilion.


Two rows of thin metal are used to support the diamond on each side of the channel, having the diamond at the center. In many models of tennis bracelets for men, diamonds are set close around each other.

Bezel (also known as a half-bezel).

The stone is encased in metal, much like a smartwatch. Only two sides of the stone are joined to metal in a 1/2 bezel.

The look of the bracelet is affected by these settings; select the one that appeals to you the best. While bezel settings are the finest since the metal completely encircles the diamond, prong, and channel settings are also relatively safe.

Tennis bracelets are available in various metals, including sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. On the other hand, Sterling silver should be avoided since it is not as robust as gold or platinum. Platinum is the most durable metal, but it is also the most costly, so go with what works best for your wallet and personal preferences.

If you’re looking for a tennis bracelet, look for one with a safe fastening so you don’t have a Chris Evert episode. Some tennis bracelets have box fastenings with security. Don’t fret if you don’t know how to remove a tennis bracelet; it’s not as tough as it appears. All you must do to release a bracelet with a box clasp safety is press the little latch.

When you buy a tennis bracelet, regularly bring it to the jeweler to check the security clasp and set are in good working order. It’s also crucial to have your tennis bracelet polished if you want it to shine the brightest.

Diamonds and Other Stones in Tennis Bracelets.

A tennis bracelet can have up to 50 tiny diamonds placed in it. Verification is unattainable due to the large number of stones and their small size. This is why it’s critical to get a tennis bracelet from a reputable designer.

Check for brightness while evaluating the diamonds in the bracelet. The stones should be spotless, with no visible flaws, and pure in hue, not yellowish.

There are bracelets produced that have all the beauty and grace of a genuine tennis bracelet utilizing synthetic diamonds for individuals who seek the classic look of a tennis bracelet but cannot finance several thousand-dollar items.

A simulated diamond is a transparent gemstone similar to diamonds but has a distinct physical and chemical composition. It is commonly made of cubic zirconia or moissanite, although it can also be made of quartz.

How to Measure a Tennis Bracelet’s Size?

Bracelet sizes are generally less critical than ring sizes, but you always want to obtain as close as possible.

Measuring the user’s forearm is one of the simplest ways to determine the correct measurements for a diamond tennis bracelet. If you don’t have a tape measure, tie a strip of fabric or a rope around the wrist, trim to length, and estimate afterward.

To determine bracelet size, insert half-inch to one inch to your entire length, irrespective of the measuring equipment you choose. Choose a 6.5-inch bracelet if your wrist is six inches.

When buying a tennis bracelet as a present but not sure of the recipient’s wrist size, use seven as a reference point. For ladies, this is the most common bracelet length. Modify up or down if you believe the recipient’s wrists are larger or smaller than the typical person’s.

Tennis bracelets are generally readily altered by cutting a link to reduce the chain, so getting the length precisely right is less crucial than it is for a diamond ring or other jewelry items.

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