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Do yourself a favor: get a plain burgundy T-shirt NOW!

T-shirts are one of the most common attire for men and women alike. They are usually preferred in warmer regions

By rachael everlyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Do yourself a favor: get a plain burgundy T-shirt NOW

T-shirts are one of the most common attire for men and women alike. They are usually preferred in warmer regions. Consequently, the full sleeves option is perfect for everyone. T-shirts are a lightweight yet versatile component of attire. They go with just about anything. They are easy to clean and are relatively inexpensive. T-shirts are usually composed of polyester or cotton.

Sometimes, it can blend both in countless shades of colors. This is because everyone loves to represent themselves through their clothes. Therefore, clothes are preferred in different colors by different people. Similarly, these clothing are well suited for various events. Shirts come in handy in these cases.

Unlike other clothes, they are well suited for all types of events. For instance, some people like to wear a polo T-shirt to the local bar. In contrast, someone will prefer a plain burgundy t-shirt at a family dinner.

There are a variety of t-shirts available in the market. Some of them are:

Striped T-shirt

These are common types of t-shirts with thick or thin stripes. These stripes are usually vertical or horizontal. They get along great with casual events like dinners.

Pocket T-shirt

These can either be collared or collarless t-shirts. In addition, they have a breast pocket on the left side. Apart from coming in handy for carrying small items, this pocket attracts the viewers and has a unique look.

V-neck T-shirt

These types of shirts are perfect for combining smart with casual. It is one of the best choices for men as this shirt lets the chest and abs pop out. A classic V-neck t-shirt is a must-have for every one of us.

Polo T-shirt

As the name suggests, this shirt was used as a top during polo matches. This shirt is used by men and women alike. Consequently, it is by far the most famous type of t-shirt. Especially the brand Ralph Lauren with their signature Polo player on a horse on the left breast pocket has sky-rocketed this shirt in terms of fame.

Graphic T-shirt

A simple shirt can be a bit too sober. But, every once in a while, everyone needs to wear something that expresses their feelings. It can be either through a bright color or just with a graphic print on their t-shirt. These graphics can be either a tagline from your favorite Television show or just a random design. Subsequently, it is a great choice to wear for a friends' night out.

Don't know what to wear? Try a plain burgundy T-shirt?

Burgundy is a purplish red shade of color. The name of the color burgundy emerged from France. This color is also known as wine-red as the name originated from burgundy wine. Although the composition of this color is simple, the color itself is an evergreen shade.

It is composed of red (50%) and blue (13%) with a hint of 0% green. Burgundy is also available in various shades. For instance, a lighter shade of burgundy is called vivid burgundy, which is used to color hair. Similarly, old burgundy is a darker tone of burgundy, which can be seen on countless European passports.

Plain color on t-shirts is always a good choice. It is the perfect crossover of classy and casual. T-shirts with single colors like a plain burgundy T-shirt will go with practically anything. Be it jeans or shorts. This shirt will make you stand out. Nevertheless, it goes perfectly well for both dark and light color pants.

Nothing beats a plain burgundy T-shirt

Moreover, plain shirts give a subtle hint of being a level-headed person. You do not need an extravagant color or a catchy print on your t-shirt. Even a plain burgundy T-shirt with khaki shorts can speak volumes about you if you carry yourself confidently.

The color burgundy is not confined just to t-shirts. Even dress shirts and even suits amp up your personality. Although, the Burgundy color represents hostility and rage. Though in a comfortable setting, this color can be regarded as passionate and beautiful. The color portrays your character as fiery and intriguing.

In light of the description above, it is safe to assume that plain colored t-shirts are the way to go. You do not need flannel or button-down shirts to mingle with an enthusiastic crowd. T-shirts can take you a long way in terms of catchy outfits. You need to judge the setting, choose a color that represents you best, and ace the look.

One thing that needs attention is affordability. Shirts already have a low production cost. They are usually in a good buying range. Therefore, it is always a good idea to choose comfortability over affordability for t-shirts. They are already a cheaper option. But sometimes, knock-offs and low-end brands use low-grade material. This results in the shirt being prone to wear and tear. It not only spoils your look but also gives you a run for your money.


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