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Craze For Fashion

by Zarinabanu Zarinabanu about a year ago in trends
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Craze For Fashion
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Craze For Fashion : Torn jeans, tattoos, spiked hair I think all of us are familiar with all these. They are the latest trends in fashion. Fashion as defined by Wikipedia is:” a popular or latest style of clothing, hair decoration or behaviour” so all the lounges and disco are too the part of the latest fashion. The domain of fashion has now expanded to latest mobiles, automobiles and accessories related to them. So the definition of fashion has now expanded to new domains and does not limit only to clothes as it was in the past.Today we find people of every age group especially the millennial going crazy for fashion. They run after the latest trends in fashion without giving it a second thought whether they need them or it suits them or not. They just run behind the latest fashion trends. The bollywood stars are the icons here. What style is adopted by a particular star in some film, the followers copy that style. Everyone wants to look spectacular among their friends.The thinking or perspective of the people is also responsible for this craze. Now a days the outward appearance is considered to look” cool” or”different”. Latest hairstyles, clothes and footwear are demanded by the people every time. The social media has also played a significant role here. Comments , shares, post, likes and advertising on these platforms regularly update the users about the latest trends in fashion and thanks to so many ecommerce sites everything is available in just one click. These sites constantly update its users with the latest trends and provide them with many features and options to view and compare the various items thus creating an urge in them to buy and try the latest options available to them.Fashion as stated earlier is just not limited to clothes but behaviour too. Late night parties in discos are common now a days because they are the latest fashion to enjoy with friends and if you are not happy going there but you still have to because your friends will take you to be old fashioned. Thus craze for fashion is bringing a change in the existing culture also. One can see people falling into the trap of drugs, smoking, alcohol and deadly bike stunts just to fit into the latest trends or they will not be considered ‘ cool’ among their friends.Fashion is good until it does not interfere with your true personality. It should be a part of our lives but should not be driving our lives. Fashion adds to our personality but is not our personality. It’s better to go for the trends with which we feel comfortable rather than landing ourselves into such fashion trends with which we don’t feel comfortable. A good picked style which suits our personality and makes us feel comfortable while wearing them is the true meaning of fashion. It adds charisma and vibrancy in the personality of the person but the one who just blindly follows others doesn’t not get any benefits irrespective of how expensive and latest things he gets for himself. So be fashionable but not blind in fashion.Although people first started washing clothes, it was estimated to have been somewhere between 100,000 and 500,000 years ago. The first fabric was made from natural ingredients: animal skins and furs, grasses and leaves,Bones and shells. The clothing was often wiped or tied; However, simple needles made from animal bones wash leather and fur clothing that existed at least 30,000 years ago.As the Nile cultures migrated, the benefits of woven fibers over animals, fabric making, and basket weaving techniques evolved into one of the most basic techniques of mankind.The history of clothing goes hand in hand with the history of hand and hand cloth. Humans invented weaving, spinning and other techniques and had the machinery needed to make fabrics used for clothing.Simple cloth handle. It can be used to pick up hot items and microwave oven items.Two insole-bright or pants cloth 9 inches long and 4 inches wide in red. Two yellow cloths of the same size. Two pieces of fabric in half and a lining for it in the appropriate size.Cut fabrics.Cut the red cloth and the pants taken in the middle into egg shape.Cut the yellow cloth into half circles.Similarly cut the blue lining cloth in half circle. (Cut the thumb slightly smaller and the other thumb slightly larger.)Sew the yellow fabric over the blue lining fabric. Turn the stitch over.Lay the pants cloth, the red cloth on top, the semicircular pieces on top of it, and another red cloth on the back like this.Sew it intact. Leave it unstitched for an inch and roll it through.Then finish stitching that spot as well.Pot-like cloth Ready.


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