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Confessions of a Carry-On Connoisseur

An Addict's Guide to Choosing the Best Carry-on Luggage

By Enthusiast of ManyPublished 16 days ago 3 min read
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I have many addictions aka obsessions and one of them is carry-on luggage. Yes, you heard that right. While some collect stamps, sneakers, and let’s be honest, exes, one of my personal brands of addiction comes with zippers and 360-degree wheels. Whether you’re looking for the best carry-on for business travel, the perfect suitcase for weekend getaways, and even month-long escapes, be my luggage therapist (I know that’s not a thing but it’s the internet I can make up whatever I want) for the day while I explain my hunt for the perfect travel companion.

Why One Is Never Enough

Asking that question is like asking why bigger is better. Duh, it just is. Imagine walking into a room filled with carry-on luggage from floor to ceiling. For most, it’s a storage nightmare. For me? It’s a slice of suitcase nirvana. My obsession with carry-on luggage isn’t just about owning them it’s about living in a world where I can match my luggage to my mood. Feeling like I’m the heir to the Trojan condom empire? Hello, Louis Vuitton. Trekking to see the gorillas in Rwanda on a rugged adventure? It’s Samsonite time. Trying to impress a cute stranger at the airport with my eco-conscious choices? Paravel, you’re up!

There’s something intoxicating about the sound of 360-degree wheels gliding smoothly across the airport floor. It’s like ASMR for travel junkies. July’s suitcase whispering sweet nothings to me as I run to my gate. Let’s not forget the handle! Each extension and retraction sliding up and down my hand. Too much? Never. Keep Going. Choosing a carry-on for my next trip often feels like being on a dating app. Each suitcase has a profile; durable, stylish, tech-savvy, or sustainably made. I spend hours no, days struggling over which to choose. Rimowa or Tumi? The sleek aluminum finish or the ballistic nylon that can probably survive a zombie apocalypse? Decisions, decisions.


Every packing session is a game of Tetris, and with my variety of lightweight carry-on options, the stakes are high. Will my week’s wardrobe fit into the Monos, Away, or do I need the expandable Calpak​? The right choice means a headache-free trip, the wrong choice means wrestling with a zipper at 2 AM, regretting all my life choices, including that extra pair of Onitsuka Tigers I packed. Spoiler: the Tigers always make the cut.

Let’s be honest the airport is a runway, and your carry-on is part of your ensemble. When I see the flight crew, I’m always secretly jealous of how cool and effortless they look rocking Travelpro luggage. I try to strut into the terminal like it’s NY Fashion Week in my Beis or Level8, my carry-on rolling behind me like a loyal pet. Yes, I see the judgmental glances from those who don’t understand my luggage love. For every raised eyebrow, there’s a nod of appreciation from a fellow connoisseur.

My collection keeps growing. I’m feeling retro and nostalgic this year. So, Floyd, you’re up next! With each new feature, color, or limited-edition release, I find myself clicking ‘add to cart’ with the same enthusiasm some reserve for those lonely nights with you and your hand. I justify this reckless addiction (some might say) as a professional necessity after all, an unemployed solopreneur must stay on top of trends, right?

Embrace Your Luggage Kinks

To all who wonder why one person might need an arsenal of carry-on luggage, it’s not just about the travel. It’s about the joy of choice, the love of design, and yes, a bit of that sexy, sweet wheel action. Carry-ons are not just luggage, they are my companions on the journey of life, and who doesn’t want a companion that can carry your stuff without complaining?

What’s your favorite luggage brand?

And if you’re a luggage brand that I left out don’t worry I’ll be seeing you soon.


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