Comfort trumps fashion

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Comfort trumps fashion

Are you one of those who gets a high from going against the norm or are you one of those who cringes at the idea? 😊 Despite being one who dreads criticism, there are certain times I make choices that attract them. It’s somewhat related to the idea of being a loner and not caring about it in the slightest. I actually find that I am incredibly proud of myself for being the lone wolf.

It’s a rather ironical situation cos I am what you call a fashionista. I do the color matches, like tasty fashion, have an eye for detail and really appreciate style and aesthetics. However, I also find that I am not afraid to stand out and set an unusual trend.

Having said that, spring is fast approaching in North America. I know that when the weather forecast figures are in the positives and possibly with double digits. Other signs might be absence of falling snow, more sunlight than what one experiences in winter, allergies 😊, colored plant life. I am talking about a phenomenon happening for consecutive days and weeks from the month of March.

So with this new development, I am so excited to get into my flip flops, which have been archived the whole of winter. 😓 This excitement extends to all my non winter footwear collection, my bum shorts, my short skirts, every attire I have been deprived of in winter.

My feet have been confined to winter boots like someone serving a long prison sentence. For a fashionista, once you forget about the cold, you hate winter and its deprivations. But survival comes first, doesn’t it?

On the ‘flip flops day’, I have on a pair of slacks, the type you categorize as smart casual, a cream colored jumper( British term for a long sleeved sweater like top) underneath a nice black jacket and I finish up with my pair of flip flops.😂

I head out with my earphones plugged in, blasting away at Justin Bieber’s new hit; intentions, I am headed to a place for a scheduled Skype interview. That goes well and I land the job.

As I head down in the elevator with my friend, after my interview, he looks down at my feet and looks up at me and says: “koko, why do you dress like this? How can you wear this lovely pants with flip flops? What happened to a smart pair of shoes? The other day, you wore a nice pair of open flats and ruined it with socks. You are the only one I know that dresses this way.”

I look at him innocently and say: “you just noticed this? what's wrong with it?” And he stares back in unbelief. I then continue: “Guy, don’t you see the weather change? Am I the only one seeing it? It’s a relief. Now I can break my feet free from those horrid winter boots. These flip flops signify freedom. You know how much I love comfort. Sorry to disappoint the fashion police 😊. I may consider your preferences some other time.” With that, I burst into laughter and start concocting my next fashion blunder.

As I walk away, still lost in laughter, I realize I am alone. So I turn back and see my companion is far behind me. He has stopped in his tracks, arms folded across his chest, still starring after me. I almost start rolling on the floor. I walk over to him and say: “ are you fair weather now? You don’t want to be caught with the odd lady, that makes blunders? You are in for a long haul cos this is just the beginning”. His silence is even more deafening than before and I can’t stop laughing. Next thing I hear him say: “ thinking about it, lots of things about you are queer. You are incredibly pretty with a fantastic personality but you do lots of weird things.” And I nod in agreement and say to him with a wide grin and twinkle in my eyes: “ do you want to know my fashion plans for next summer?”

Nkeonye Judith IZUKA
Nkeonye Judith IZUKA
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