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Choosing the Right Style and Color of Clothing Based on Your Complexion

Find out how to choose the style and color of clothing based on your complexion!!

By Danian LeePublished 4 years ago 5 min read
Choosing the Right Style and Color of Clothing Based on Your Complexion
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Over the years, urban fashion has become a leading staple in everyone’s wardrobe because it becomes an extension of your personality. However, for most men and women, looking for the right fit seems to be a big problem due to their skin color. And in today’s world where everyone seems to be too critical about one’s style, it’s either you become fashionable or a fashion victim.

If you have medium to dark skin, you know how hard it is to look for the right clothes that complement your complexion. Being confined to specific colors like gold, red, and white, and any color that emphasizes and accentuates your deep skin tone limits your clothing variety. But there is another way to all this fashion brouhaha. Donning the right ensemble for special occasions or even for your office meetings will make you feel confident about yourself. Opting for Premium lifestyle fashion will just give you a right look.

Jungle-inspired apparel with deep and harmonious colors can be an excellent ensemble for anyone, regardless of race and skin tone. These clothing pieces take their inspiration from natural earthly tones and fit anyone irrespective of shade. If you are looking for comfortable and straightforward clothes, you will never go wrong with fashion that takes its cut from natural colors.

Colors Affect the Mood

Not everyone is aware that the color of the clothes they wear can affect their mood. According to professionals, color therapy has the innate ability to change how you feel. Using the right hues will not only enhance your emotions but also give you the right look and confidence.

For example, wearing green has a calming effect and promotes healing, among others. It is a great shade to wear, resembling the trees and grasses. Wearing jungle-colored streetwear also makes you feel in-tune with nature because it has the same tone as your surroundings.

Wearing deep greens, especially the hunter hue with yellowish casts or deep emerald, provides the grounding energies of the forest. These colors will be an excellent source of vitality if you are trying to rejuvenate your life and your life energies.

If you have a good inventory of urban clothing, you might have noticed that specific colors go right together. But if you are on the opposite side of the spectrum and see yourself in a style rut, you may need to introduce new trends into your clothing style.

Choose the Right Color and Style According to Occasion

There is a considerable spectrum of jungle colors from deep green to the exotic vibe of leopard prints. But gone are the days when you see men and women looking straight out of the jungle with their animal print shirts and leggings.

Designer lifestyle fashion has made everything simple and more comfortable with hues that will not give you an eyesore. These days, the common streetwear trend is to go for simple shirts and dresses that make you look fashionable and classy.

Choosing a new wardrobe piece that is flattering to your skin can make you look vibrant. Picking the wrong clothing material and color can make your skin appear dull. Also, consider that your skin tone looks better with particular shades and hues—which depends on the weather.

For summer, it is better to wear streetwear fashion with pastel and soft neutral tones, while winter season would make you look great with sharp contrasting colors like black, navy blue, and white. Yet remember that the clothing brand you choose affects how you look and feel.

High-quality designer lifestyle fashion won’t make you look outdated but give you the right style that should be considered when picking new clothes.

Opt for Natural Hues

The new face of streetwear and urban wear does not lay with old-fashioned trends, but with candy-eyed fashion perfectly fitting for your skin. Consider tints with added white hues, shades of blacks and grays, and hues like medium navy or tan. An online shop that offers you more options on neutral fashion colors can give you the right fit that complements your skin tone.

Eye-catching flower mini dresses, cloud-white imprint sweatshirts, and simple printed tops are also the latest trends. They are colored to resemble earthly tones that can brighten up events and even the most boring moments. The touch of natural elements give each clothing piece some uniqueness and a revived craze anyone can wear anytime.

Classic urban statements are also getting an upgrade with faux fur coats resembling the luxurious hair of jungle beasts. Fake fur resembling natural animal hair like Chinchilla or rabbit gives you a stunning and elegant modern style and appearance.

Go for Timeless Pieces

Fashion also gets outdated, like any other trend. However, this can be easily solved if you choose the right pieces. Go for timeless items because they do not quickly go out of style.

  • Choose premium and Eco-friendly clothing material.
  • Get urban clothing pieces that complement your skin.
  • Go green with urban wear brands that give the environment a voice.

The right clothing material takes a cut on your overall look. Going for timeless urban wear pieces ensure they do not go out of style quickly. More importantly, when looking for the right fashion wear, look for a brand that gives you the right fit and style based on your skin color.

If you have been a fashion rut because you do not know which colors are the best fit, going natural with jungle-inspired apparel will provide you with the right look. These colors are neither too loud and lavish nor too dull.

Donning a great ensemble with your urban wear is not quite hard when you know your style and which colors best suit your complexion. Often, it all boils down to your comfort, which makes you more confident.


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