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Choose the Right Type of Running Shoes

Sports Shoes

By Syed ImranPublished 3 years ago 3 min read


This article describes the difference between standard sports shoes and proper running shoes. It also helps the reader about what points are needed to be considered when buying the running shoes.

When it comes to sports, the importance of proper shoes increases by many folds. Although many people

use a single pair of shoes for all purposes, which is not a good practice. It may seem like there is no harm in using a single pair of sports shoes for every type of sports or foot intensive physical activity, but the sports shoes are made specifically according to the requirement of that particular sports. Likewise, it will be no good if you use football shoes for running a marathon or vice-versa. As the football shoes are designed and made up of special soles with or without spikes, which stabilizes the grip when running on a soccer field and to strike the ball precisely. While on the other hand, running shoes are designed for jogging or running at hard surfaces like concrete, without negatively affecting the performance and comfort level. So how to decide, which type of running shoes will suit you. There are a lot of styles and comfort levels that can suit each person. Whether you are flat-footed or have high-arch, from heel to toe, for every men or women, there are specifically made running shoes that can match every foot. We are given here some pro tips, which every person should keep in mind, when choosing their next pair of running shoes.

How Shoes Fit

When checking, how the shoe fits in your foot, few things need to be considered:

Shoe Size:

Most importantly, you should precisely know the size of your foot, even if your existing pair of shoes is fitting normally. Try to find out easily by tracing your foot on paper sheet and measure it, then verify it from Google foot chart size. So, now you know what your foot size is. If you are still in doubt, go for a half size bigger.

Shoe Length:

When you walk or run, your toe pushes forward inside the shoe. There should be enough room so that you toe doesn’t cramp for space in the shoe. Because it will create uneasiness when the shoe is too tight, which may lead to black toenail or blisters.

Shoe Width:

As our feet length is different, so do our feet width. Some people have wide or narrow feet that require shoes with wide or narrow width to fit properly. Not many shoe comes in with different width. So consider this point when buying the new shoes.

Heel Fit:

Your shoes should be snugly fits around your heel and ankle. Very tight fit or lose/slippery around the heel will make you very uncomfortable. So make sure the shoes perfectly fits around your heel.


Of course the shoes you are buying are for running. Although, the standard running shoes works well for the most of the runners. But! There is still more to decide that which type of running and at what surface you are running.

Type of running:

Like jogging or casual running, the standard running shoes with normal to extra cushioning will do the job. While for long distance running, proper cushioning will be needed, whereas for Fast running or racing a lighter and less cushioned shoe might be a better option.

Type of Surface:

Surface you are running will play an important part when deciding for the running shoes. If your running is on harder surfaces like roads, then you should go for the shoes with more cushioning that provides shock absorption to prevent the risk of an injury. Whereas, if you are running on trails and dirt paths, then trail shoes that provide better grip and ankle support will protect you from rocks, slippery and muddy surfaces.

However, if you run on both types of surfaces or even treadmill, then consider buying hybrid running shoes. These all-round shoes have the right combination of cushioning and grip that will work well on both hard and mixed trail surfaces.


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