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Can you find Lululemon At Goodwill

by Supreme Vintage 4 months ago in shopping
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One common question is can you find high quality brands like Lululemon at thrift stores like Goodwill.

Can you find Lululemon At Goodwill
Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

If you're going to want to find some Lululemon workout clothing you better start in the workout section of your local Goodwill. This may be mixed in with sweatpants and t-shirts, and differ from store to store, but when you know you know.

Step 1. Go to the athleisure wear section

Go through the leggings, tops and sports bras. Generally, Lululemon items will have the tag already torn out, so it's going to be kind of difficult to find a Lululemon item in perfect condition. You can't simply just flip really quickly through the clothing, your going to want to have an idea of the type of material that Lululemon uses so that you can get a hint for when to look for the logo.

Look for their iconic logo

You're going to want to look for the logo while you're looking through the items. Some leggings have it on the back pant. They're going to be in a variety of different places, depending on the style and what type of item it is. But a lot of the times on leggings, they'll be towards the back or at the top along the waist. Wherever it is, just make sure to be on the lookout for the logo. And once you kind of get a feel for what the materials feel like, or if there's different styles and fabrics and patterns that they use pretty frequently, it'll be a lot easier to spot.

But you're going to want to check for the logo on really all the different types of garments whether its th cropped leggings, long leggings, shorts, or the sports bras.

Check out the Pajama Section

Next, you're going to want to go to your stores pajama or lingerie section. This is one of the most untouched areas in most thrift stores, but you can find some hidden Lululemon in there as well. Most stores will catch the leggings and sports bras and more of the traditional workout apparel, but they do often miss more of the lounge type wear. Again, they're not going to have that inside tag most of the time, so you're going to want to look for that logo.

Maybe they have a dedicated leggings section

And if your store has an area of specifically for leggings and tights, you want to go through those too. And since Lululemon does sell more than just workout clothes, go through the other sections of the stores, go through the tops, go through the sweaters, definitely look at the jackets. And while you're looking for that logo, look at the hardware. A lot of the times it'll be on the zippers of jackets while you're going through the racks of clothes, scanning over all of the items looking for that little logo. Make sure you're looking at the back of the garment because most of the time you'll find it right on the back towards the bottom hem. And don't forget the men's section. You can find tees and tanks in there as well. One quick way to find some Lululemon menswear is to look for three stitch lines in the shoulder. Those are all my tips. This was really short and sweet, but I hope these help you and that you can find some more Lululemon while you're out thrifting. If you found this helpful. Please give me a thumbs up. If you want more tips, hit that subscribe button and I will see you guys soon. You can find me all the time anywhere at everyday style. So you guys on Instagram and here very soon by

Which Goodwills Generally Have Lululemon

It's generally going to be quite tough to find Lululemon at your local Goodwill store. Chances are that the clothes at your local Goodwill were already presorted and the higher end apparel was taken out to be sold online. You can find a lot of Lululemon being sold on Goodwill's Online Auction website

However, in certain parts of the country Goodwill's aren't as picked through or presorted in distribution centers, so you may have better luck with finding high end athleisure clothing.

Don't Sleep on the Goodwill Bins!

While it might be quite tough to find Lululemon, Athleta, and Gymshark at the Goodwill retail locations, the Goodwill outlet centers are a totally different story. These outlets have bins of clothing that you can look through and pay for by the pound. In these Outlet stores you will find a lot of professional resellers searching for high end items they can flip on Depop Ebay and Poshmark. But if your patient enough and don't mind throwing the occasional elbow, you can dive into these bins, and find some high end stuff.

Youtube Resellers Find Lululemon and other high end brands all the time at the bins.

Thrifting LULULEMON & PATAGONIA! | Come Thrift With Me at the Goodwill Bins!

Seller finds Lululemon, Nike & More At The Goodwill Outlet!

There are plenty of other examples of people finding high end athleisurewear at Goodwills, so chances are you will have some success if you spend enough time at an outlet near you.

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