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Can I Stream Hulu Shows in 4K?

Hulu subscribers may be asking whether they are eligible to watch 4K content on Hulu, as well as what 4K shows are available on Hulu. This guide will provide all you want to know about Hulu in 4K.

By Polly WPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

As 4K resolution becomes more popular and streaming services offer a large number of 4K videos and movies, Hulu users may be wondering it is eligible for you to watch 4K content on Hulu and what 4K videos and movies are available on Hulu? This article will provide all information you want to know about streaming Hulu in 4K.

  1. Can I Stream Hulu Shows in 4K?
  2. The Best 4K Shows on Hulu
  3. How to Watch Hulu Videos and Movies in 4K?

1. Can I Stream Hulu Shows in 4K?

The answer is yes once you have a Hulu subscription, a compatible device, and a fast internet speed. But please note that the 4K content on Hulu is limited. That's because it first offered 4K streaming in 2016, then dropped support for 4K streaming altogether for a time. It finally relaunched in 2019, which caused its 4K content library to lag badly behind other streaming services. There is no listing of 4K content on the Hulu website, and there is no way to search for 4K content. When the video is available in 4K Ultra HD, the Ultra HD badge will appear on the detailed page of the TV show or movie.

  • A Hulu Subscription

Watching 4K content Hulu will not charge more fees. Hulu provides a total of three types of subscription programs: Hulu With Ads, Hulu No Ads, and Hulu + Live TV. As long as you are a subscriber for the first two plans, you can access the 4K content library without spending more money. If you're a Live TV subscriber, the highest resolution you can stream is 1080p.

  • A Compatible Device

While Hulu's content is viewable on a wide variety of devices, 4K content is only supported on a handful of devices. If you don't have one of these devices, the highest resolution you can watch is HD.

Apple TV (5th generation or later)

Chromecast Ultra

Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

LG TVs (2017 UHD models or later)


Samsung TVs (2019 UHD models or later)

Vizio SmartCast TVs

Xbox One (S and X models)

  • A Fast Internet Speed

A good Internet environment is also necessary to watch 4K movies. Hulu recommends that you need a download speed of at least 16 Mbps to watch 4K movies, while 25 Mbps would be better. If your internet connection is slow, you may experience video buffering or Hulu may downgrade your video resolution to regular 1080p HD.

2. The Best 4K Shows on Hulu

1. 11.22.63 (2016) Genre: Drama, Science, Fiction

2. The Act (2019) Genre: Drama, Crime

3. The Great (2020) Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sitcom, History

4. Love, Victor (2020) Genre: Latino, Drama, Teen

5. Legion (2017) Genre: Science, Fiction, Drama, Action, Adventure, Superheroes

6. Life & Beth (2022) Genre: Drama, Comedy

7. Catch-22 (2019) Genre: Drama, Action, Comedy

8. Dopesick (2021) Genre: Drama

9. Happiest Season (2020) Genre: Comedy, Romance, Holiday, Drama

10. Boss Level (2021) Genre: Thriller, Action, Comedy

3. How to Watch Hulu Videos and Movies in 4K?

Watching 4K Ultra-High-Definition video has become a common pursuit. Is there any way to achieve streaming 4K Hulu videos and movies on any device anytime, anywhere? Luckily, SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader and AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI are two professional tool that can help you download high-definition videos for offline viewing.

Final Words

It's not hard to watch Hulu videos in 4K, as long as you have a Hulu subscription (With Ads or No Ads plan), a device that supports streaming 4K video, and a fast enough Internet speed (at least 16 Mbps). Once you meet the three requirements listed above, then you can stream 4K ultra HD Hulu videos. If you want to watch 4K videos offline on any other device, SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader and AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI are born to help you. With the assistance of SameMovie, you can download unlimited Hulu videos and movies in MP4 or MKV format. Then with AVCLabs, you can get 4K Ultra HD videos.


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