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Bring Back the High-Waist Belt!

by Michelle Pattison 2 days ago in trends

In all its useless glory.

Whenever I hear about returning fashion trends, I hope and pray that these do not include the resurgence of low-rise jeans. That look was popular during my high-school days, which were entirely consumed with worrying about my stomach flab and constantly tugging at my belt loops until they broke. I know there must be a few people out there who would disagree with me, but in no world would I ever consider the muffin top - plumber-butt duo a good fashion trend! I was very glad when the low-rise waist quickly changed to the opposing high-waist option. But so common is it for us to bicker over pant rise. My favourite fashion trend does not focus so much on pants, but what goes on top! Some may think I’m a little unstable for wanting to see this trend return, but I just can’t deny my true love…

The baggy shirt with waist belt combo - as made popular in the early 2000’s.

Give me the chunky high-waist belts!

Give me the chain-link hip belts!

Give me the material belts!

Give me all of it!

As much as I realize that the addition of these belts to outfits are purely aesthetic and otherwise pretty much useless, there is just something about this trend that calls my name. Being able to wear an oversized top with a belt to cinch the waist in where it counts is how I would like to live the rest of my life - comfort with the illusion of shape.

Now that we are beginning to move away from form-fitted tops and skinny leg pants in favour of baggier options, my hope is high that my true love trend will return sometime soon. Back in the year 2000, I was too young to be able to take full advantage of the trend as I did not yet have my curvy figure. So, I would watch the celebrities rock the look I love while I dreamed of the day that I would be able to fill out the clothes properly. Fast forward now to 2021, I don’t think I could pay anyone to make me a belt that would live up to my 2005 dreams.


Look at Kim K – although almost unrecognizable, doesn’t she look fabulous?? I think one of the main reasons why this trend holds so much favour with me, is because it allowed the opportunity to be comfortable while still being fashionable. Soon after this trend was no longer acceptable, the low-rise jeans made their presence known – praising a perfectly flat stomach and bare midriff. This was the exact opposite of what the baggy shirt trend offered, which left me reeling for its return.

Until the day finally comes when I can fill my closet with baggy shirts and sweaters that pair with a belt, I will need to scour the depths of my closet to find the dozen old belts I still hold onto. There was one point in time when I gathered enough courage to break current fashion trends and show my love to the world. It was during a dinner out in 2019, I purposely paid homage to the 2000’s fashion trends…and yes, I did receive many side-eyes from other restaurant-goers.

Straightened hair

Winged eye-liner

Chunky black waist belt circa 2005

So for now, I remain hopeful that one day I will wake up and this kind of look will be socially acceptable once again. Until then, I guess I will just have to grin and bear the current fashion trends of today.

Michelle Pattison
Michelle Pattison
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