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Best Ways to Celebrate National Splurge Day


By Lynne BlackPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Are you looking for the best ways to celebrate National Splurge Day? Of course, I have plenty of ideas for you to enjoy this fun day of indulging.

Best Ways to Celebrate National Splurge Day

So, the meaning of this day is to encourage everyone to spend money on themselves or treat themselves to something luxurious.

Since this day falls on a weekday; you can use this day to indulge in a day of pampering, shopping, or planning a luxurious vacation.

Because I believe it is important to do things for yourself; why not use today as an excuse to indulge?

However, being indulgent doesn’t have to be about buying something for yourself. You may want to do something for someone else.

Soy Candles with Healing Crystals

Even if you only have an extra $25.00 to spend; this may be something you may want to buy.

Why not spoil yourself or someone else with these soy crystal candles?

In this box, you will receive 3 different candles featuring luxurious scents and 9 healing crystals.

Moreover, once the candle has finished burning; you have 9 natural crystals to keep with you.

TinaCus Kitten Heel Pumps

Timeless, yet contemporary; these versatile pumps can be worn to work or a special occasion.

At the same time, these classic pumps are a fraction of the price of many Designer shoe styles.

Available in 4 colors – let me know your favorite.

Vintage Suitcase Set

Classic, this Vintage suitcase set depicts the elegance of the Art Deco Era.

When you are headed to the airport; fly in style with this designer 2-piece embossed suitcase.

Featuring a TSA combination lock and inside pockets designed for extra items.

In addition, this set comes in several different colors. Also, the luggage comes with protective covers to keep your suitcase looking pristine.

Tiffany & Co., Rose Gold Parfum Set

From Tiffany & Co., this luxurious set includes a body lotion and 2 different sizes of the parfum. Even though you think the scent will smell like roses; this fragrance is much fresher.

Similar to rose water, the scent features a Japanese hybrid rose.

In its signature blue box, this scent is a fragrance jewel that is a fraction of the price of their jewelry.

Celebrate National Splurge Day

Of course, there are a lot of different ways you can celebrate this fun day. So, depending on your budget; here are a few other ideas I have.

First, if you have been saving; why not splurge on something special?

Also, you may want to purchase some new accessories, clothing, or something unique for your home.

Beauty and skin care products.

Have a spa day. But, if you don’t live near a spa; carve out some time to have a spa oasis in your home. For some ideas; check out my What Do you Need for National Relaxation Day – Spa Day at Home post.

Upgrade! If you are traveling; fly business or first class. Or, opt for a better room.

In addition, you may want to buy or lease a new vehicle.

Experience – you may want to try something new or do something unique. For some ideas; check out these unique experiences where you will find things to do in various cities in the USA.

Maybe, you want to plan a luxurious vacation. However, even if you are on a budget; there are ways you can find 5-star accommodations at affordable prices. To learn more, visit my Luxury Affordable Vacation post where you will find my suggestions for booking your dream vacation.

My Recommendations on Things Not to Splurge On

Of course, certain items are not worth overpaying for. For instance, you may not want to overpay for a cocktail. Or, something frivolous.

So, even if you are always first in line to buy the latest mobile device; you may want to spend the money on a prior version. For example, there are always smartphones you can buy that have many of the same features but at a much lower cost.

In essence, even if you want to buy Designer clothes, handbags, shoes, or the latest gadgets; you may want to wait. Since there are many off-price stores and online resources; you will feel better buying something for a fraction of the original price tag.

As always, I welcome your comments on the best ways to celebrate National Splurge Day. How will you celebrate this fun day?

Happy National Splurge Day!


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