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Being a Social Influencer is REALLY Hard Work

Don't judge me. I make more with one post than you made all of last year

By Jason ProvencioPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
I take my career as a social media influencer very seriously. Photo credit: Unsplash

My name is Hunter. Hunter Kenzie. I don't go by my last name because it's stupid and I hate it. I think it's total BS that my mom wouldn't let me change it back when I first started being a social media influencer. She totally hurt my brand, initially. But that was ten years ago, I've grown to forgive her. Mostly.

Hunter Kenzie isn't a person. She's a PERSONA. There's a difference. "YOU'RE HUNTER THE INFLUENCE!" I came up with that one myself. I've worked hard on this social media following my whole life. I've been on Instagram since I was 8. So pay attention, if you're unfamiliar with me.

I've done gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, modeling, and started being a brand ambassador and influencer as soon as Mom said it was ok to wear makeup and show my bare midriff. So yeah, since I was 8.

Mom wasn't one for having a real job. We both feel we are too pretty for normal work. So we make money doing what we love. Which is being pretty and special. Just like everyone else on social media.

The difference is, we're GOOD at it. I've been hugely successful as an influencer since I was a small child. I have the personality, the charm, the talent, and not to brag, but the looks.

My Mom realized this early on and made it her sole purpose to make me famous. I appreciate all she's done for me and for putting my career first. I've had one since I was 8, did I mention that already?

Instead of pursuing her own career, she sacrificed everything to make me a star. I appreciate her SO MUCH for that. She has guided my career and handled all of my bookings and contracts for being an influencer. She manages my money and we live a wonderful lifestyle.

She must be good at it. I don't discuss income with her directly, as she says that it's trashy to brag about how much money you have. She says not to worry my pretty little head about it, but that's it's a LOT. She says by focusing on being fabulous like I do, and allowing her to handle the business end, we're the BEST team we can be.

Social media influencers help shape the future, younger generations. Photo credit: Unsplash

I don't doubt that she's right. Before I started earning all this income being a child model and social influencer, I remember Mom having her own business. Two of them, in fact. She was a super-talented hairdresser that worked from home, and she also sold Mary Kay.

I think this is where she gets her background as a shrewd businesswoman. Owning her own businesses taught her so many financial lessons that she's applied to my huge career and earnings. It also has come in handy that she had all of that experience doing hair and make-up. I looked 21 by the age of 12, thanks to her.

Being a social influencer is such an important career. So many other young women would die to have the reach that I do. I have over 800,000 followers on Instagram alone. We're taking a trip to Greece when I hit one million this year. Not to mention the multitude of teens and tweens on Tik Tok, Snap Chat, Discord, Reddit, you name it, I've got it.

I love that I do higher power-type work with social influencing. No, I'm not religious, but I feel that I'm spiritual and an old soul. I love crystals, meditation, incense, astrology, and feeling the vibe with the planet.

Being a social influencer to me is the most important job on the planet. Well, I should be a bit more humble. At least in our country, it is. We're a consumer-driven nation, and I love being one of the few, the proud, the influencers.

How else would you know what leggings to buy? What type of makeup to use? What to carry your puppy in? And where to go for all the most fabulous food and smoothies?

I got paid a TON to post on Insta about a new smoothie place in Southern Cal. It tasted horrendous, but I powered through like the professional I am. I tilted my head back and smiled, got the pic, then ran to the bushes to vomit.

That was a tough day. Do you know how tough it is to choreograph and perform those little dances you see the young girls doing on Tik Tok when you're nauseous? The dances may not look particularly taxing or technical. But it takes a lot of effort to produce quality dance content that basic.

Sometimes, I'll film a quick TikTok while makeup shopping. Clever, right? Photo credit: Upsplash

I try to appeal to a basic demographic, so they can easily grasp the dances and do them as well, while still looking fabulous. Isn't that kind of me? I think so. My fans think so. They tell me constantly how great I am. They're so kind and correct.

Honestly, I don't think I'm THAT special. I mean, 800,000+ Insta fans can't be wrong, though. But I try to be humble. I exercise constantly and don't eat any junk food. Well, none that I'm not willing to throw back up, at least. I'm lucky to have great genetics.

Mom says my father was a strikingly handsome man. He was a Calvin Klein model. Sadly, he OD'd. The heroin-chic look was in during his modeling days. He took it to heart. I still miss him every day but I speak to his spirit when I meditate. Let me take a quick sad selfie to post about it. BRB.

Again, the fan love is wonderful. I get SO MANY comments every time I post. I use to try to keep up with them back when I only had 25,000 to 50,000 followers. I felt it was the right thing to do, treating my fans like they are actual friends and people who matter. But now it's impossible, with the numbers I pull. Sorry, ya'll. Love you, mean it.

I've had struggles in my life. I've overcome a lot. I've been bullied online by jealous, ugly people. Having haters is just something I've had to endure. I'm a strong person, though. Sometimes it causes depression and anxiety. I'm open about my mental health struggles. It's not always easy being beautiful, talented, and famous. Social influencers are people, too.

Wait, that reminds me. I have to make a quick post about an all-natural supplement that helps with depression. Give me one sec. Just a few clicks, a selfie, a nice fake smile, and another deposit in my business account. That one was worth five figures.

I am doing my best to make the most of the opportunity life has given me. I know that I have many, many more years left in the game. I plan to use many skincare products and keep an active, healthy, balanced lifestyle. I'll also have plenty saved back for the plastic surgery necessary to keep me in the game far longer than most. #blessed

Perhaps this will one day all come to an end. If it must, I'd like to start a non-profit and give back to the community. Being that there's no way in hell I'm ever having kids, I'd like to do something for the young generation after my career as a social influencer slows down or ends.

I'm going to mentor the next generation. It will be long, back-breaking work. But I'm going to do it. The futures of our children are far too important just to leave them without guidance and mentoring. This is why I'll open up a camp for disadvantaged and underprivileged youth.

Camp Hashtag will be my legacy. Photo credit: Unsplash

Yes, Camp Hashtag is going to be an amazingly successful outreach for the community. This not-for-much-profit organization will teach the younger generation how they can be truly fabulous like I've been. How they too can achieve their dreams, no matter how unfortunate-looking they may be.

I will teach them beauty secrets to maximize what little potential they were given naturally and help them learn the difficult life lessons necessary to succeed. Things such as, "If you can't be beautiful, be talented", "If you weren't given big boobs, use your big brain", and "All sizes matter, but smaller is more marketable".

The world is a better place with me in it as a social influencer. It will continue to be better as I grow more, mature, gain more knowledge and wisdom, and keep posting simple little dances to the most currently-popular music coming out. God bless the USA, and God bless Hunter the Influencer.


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