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Fashion Designing

By Isshu MittalPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Fashion designing

Are you someone who enjoys staying updated on the latest fashion trends? Do you believe you have an eye for style and making others/yourself look good? Do you have a knack for innovation, design and creativity? If the response to the above questions is a loud 'YES', then a career in fashion just might be the true path for you to explore! Fashion design is a functional discipline, demanding meticulous hands-on exposure with a thoughtful awareness of the complexities in the world of fashion.

The fashion designing industry is not only in regards to apparel and clothing, but its boundaries are stretching day by day. Your enthusiasm towards designing clothing & fashionable accessories can be a moving stone towards a worthwhile career in this industry. Thus, if you have your mind set straight and want to opt for a fashion design course, follow the helpful guidelines below to lead your dream of becoming a successful fashion designer.

Get an Early Head Start

If you don't just wish to work in the fashion industry but to become the driving force behind it genuinely, you need to start with the basics by enrolling yourself on a fashion design course. As more and more students are converging towards fashion for career shots, the number of fashion designing courses has increased along with the abundance of institutes offering fashion designing courses. Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD) is one of the best institutes that provides a complete study of the fashion design industry and does not restrict learning to the four-walled classrooms. A broad range of teaching and education strategies are applied to impart understanding and skills concerning the Fashion Designing Course efficiently. The ultra-modern infrastructure and innovative, experimental approach of teaching is their top attraction for students. They inspire students to study the history of fashion and grow accustomed to the prevailing trends and hurdles in the industry.

Familiarise with Fashion Principles & Market Trends

Detailed analysis of fashion trends is essential in forming brand inclination and development, creating relevant materials and designs, and ultimately securing their success. As the pace of fashion has earned drive over time, the speed of the trend cycle has also stimulated, and the market for trend knowledge has expanded. Students must pick an institution that provides a curriculum allowing students to gain essential design skills and build fashion connections in the industry. IIAD is one such establishment that encourages students to volunteer for a fashion house and corporally learn the working of the fashion industry and emerging market trends.

Create an Appealing Portfolio

A portfolio is an essential visual self-promotion and sales tool for any designer, fashion student or creative individual. It empowers you to be more personal and creative to expand on and exhibit your skills, knowledge, projects and experiences. It works as the precise representation of what a student can and what abilities they have to offer. Try to always keep your portfolio up to date and ensure that editing is done appropriately since you only have a limited amount of time to win admiration. The portfolio can be a collective of your working efforts, from your degree to your internships and other volunteer projects.

In a country like India, which is more western-influenced than most other nations worldwide, fashion is a big part of everyone's life, and that's why its influence on our society is proliferating. You must remember to put in a lot of hard work, perseverance and devotion in order to grow. The fashion courses at IIAD will help you identify and develop your unique designing theory by comprehensive education dedicated to training and modifying your representation abilities by a profound transformation of self-reflection.


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