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Amazon Is My Bae

by Angela Derscha 28 days ago in shopping

All the worthwhile purchases I made from Amazon.

Amazon Is My Bae
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As we all know, Shopping is a mildly therapeutic way to manage stress. It is also a good way to keep up with the latest trends or to stock up on daily essentials. With the weekly sales, seasonal blow outs, videos, books, and more. Whatever the need, will always be there for us.

While I do occasionally find things to buy off of social media links such as from,, etc., primarily I order from Amazon. And after ten years of loyal patronage, it's clear to see that I love their services and products. Over time I have bought easily one hundred different things from Amazon, not including the ebooks I buy bi-weekly for the Kindle reading app. All of them were different and circumstantial, but nonetheless they were important when I ordered them. Here are the most relevant ones to date:

1. Cool White Smocked Peasant Dress by Peach Couture

The link for this one has long since been deleted or removed from the webpage, it was purchased back in 2011 after all, but I digress. This dress saw me through a lot! Whether it was a bunny Halloween costume, fancy Easter Sunday attire, or a Baptism gown, it has seen it all. The price for it was reasonably $30 because it was a Plus Size dress, but when I got it the price was reduced to $25 for a Spring Fashion sale. Would buy it again if it ever came back to my beloved Amazon. I don’t remember my exact reason for buying it, but I do remember loving it to death.

2. Men’s Stainless Steel Casted Grim Reaper Ring with Enamel, size 10.

Purchased in 2013, this was either a birthday or Father’s Day gift for my now late father. He was a huge fan of the FX TV Show Son’s of Anarchy, so I tried finding a biker-themed piece of jewelry that he could wear and show off to everyone, which he did by the way, and I believe it was accompanied by a similar leather wallet with a pocket chain and a SOA coffee mug with gun handle instead of a regular one. All black, sleek, and gorgeous. He kept these items until his death and then they were gifted to my mother to keep the memories alive. The ring was priced at $18.99, and it still is today! Quality-wise it was great, definitely worth the money.

3. Player Select CD by Starbomb

Believe it or not, this was the second album I ever bought for myself. The first was the Emancipation of Mimi by Mariah Carrey. Purchased in 2014, this CD stars YouTube creators Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson (Game Grumps), Daniel “Danny Sexbang” Avidan (Ninja Sex Party), and Theoretical Physicist turned muderous Ninja, Brian Wecht (Ninja Sex Party as well). While it is mostly a comedic homage to the various games listed, Starbomb holds its ground as one of the first musical/comedy bands on the internet. The price was conservatively at $25 back when I got it, and it hasn’t changed since then, so go check it out!

4. RCA Galileo 11.5 Inch, 32GB Touch Screen Tablet by RCA Electronics

This was a Christmas gift I bought for my brother last year. It was well built, great functionality, and a sleek appearance that made a lot of people jealous. He had an older tablet my Lasio, but unfortunately, it died. I wanted him to have something nice and fancy to mess around with, but since Apple products are so money oriented I decided that RCA would be the best choice. The price was $119 plus shipping and handling making it an absolute steal!

5. Venture Pal Large 1 Gallon/128 oz Water Bottle by Venture Pal Sportng Goods

Finally, my best friend. This water bottle has been keeping me on my toes about my water consumption for a year! I love every inch of it from its spout, to the handle, to the inspirational/motivational words written on each time stamp. And it was only $20 plus shipping and handling, so it makes no sense not to buy it right now. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Hopefully, this has been fun and informative for anyone who reads it. I wish you all a wonderful day and an even better work week!

Angela Derscha
Angela Derscha
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