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9 Style Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Fall

by Roderick Williams 8 months ago in trends
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Are you curious about the most popular looks for Fall 2020?

Are you curious about the most popular looks for Fall 2020? Social media and a revitalized European street fashion scene have already created the trends for the next few months.

These are the top nine things you should know:

1. Baguette Bags

Although it may seem crazy, the fashions of 2000 are back as Gen Z fashionistas add their own twists to the early aughts' looks. The baguette bag is a popular trend they have adopted. This simple rectangular shoulder bag can hold all your essentials and is easy to wear. For added style, consider a purse in pastel colors (more details later).

2. Elevated Athleisure

Fashionistas have found cool ways to make these comfy styles streetwear-ready after spending months in quarantine wearing sweatpants, leggings and T-shirts 24 hours a day. This trend requires you to pay attention how your proportions are set up. For example, pair baggy sweatpants with crop tops or oversize sweatshirts with biker pants. Style your look with stylish accessories such as a monogrammed purse or sunglasses.

3. Tie-Back Long Sleeve Tops

While backless tops are chic and sophisticated, there has been a rise in popularity of long-sleeve tops that have a tie back. A bowtie is such an adorable detail. A long sleeve shirt is versatile and can be worn year round.

4. Leather Bermuda shorts

You can ditch the short shorts and wear Bermuda shorts. These Bermuda shorts are made from leather. The inseams of long shorts are flattering , andforgiving when they are loosely fitted. For extra comfort, you can find pairs that have elastic waists.

5. Colorful Hair Clips

These colorful hair clips are another trending item from the past. These clips can be used to keep your hair from falling out (perfect for working at home), and they are a cheap way to accessorize any outfit. You can also find hundreds of multicolored clips for as low as $5. You can mix and match the clips to create a fun outfit.

6. Chic Sandals

Is there a theme? Fashion trends for Fall 2020 are all about comfort, including footwear. Comfortable sandals and flip flops are a popular choice, especially in California, where fall is mild.

7. Lavender

Pastels are a big trend, but lavender is the most talked about color of the year. Although you might not think of pairing lavender with many colors, it can be paired with everything, from neutral tones to denim and pastel shades.

8. 8.

Although many people have taken to wearing sweatpants for work, some fashionistas seem to be missing the formal look of office life. Fashion lovers are turning to suits and coords, especially in bright colors, to look professional even though work from home is still an option.

9. Fashion Statement Face Masks

Protective face masks are the best trend this season! These face masks are more than just a fashion trend. They can help prevent the spread and spread of the coronavirus, which has been devastating our world. It is certain that they will become a staple in our daily lives for many years to come. Keep this in mind and don't be afraid of showing off your style. You can also consider your protective mask as a fashion accessory.

With these tips I'm sure that you'll be the life of the party during the next fall season. Even though we are still experiencing lockdown, when we are finally able to have our freedom back, it is going to be extremely important to always look your best! So make sure you stay up to date with all the latest trends so you will be the fashion leader of your friend group.


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