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7 Types of Men Shoes That a Man Should Have

Men Shoes

By Syed ImranPublished 3 years ago 3 min read


This article describes the importance of shoes for men styling. It defines some of the most common types of Men’s Shoes with their usage, which every man should have in his wardrobe.

“A man can carry the world, but the shoes carry him”. That’s true. Any person whatever he carries, wherever he goes, whichever work he does, that involves feet; the footwear plays a particularly significant role. Which is often not considered as vital as it should be. Whether for work, job interview, a function/event or even for casual wear, your shoes are equally important as the clothes. Several people I talked with said that when meeting someone new, they took the first impression of his appearance by his shoes. A man’s shoe says a lot about him. So it is important to select the right type of shoe according to the occasion. For this, you have to have multiple styles of shoes in your arsenal. We are giving here different types of men shoes with their usage, so that you can selects which type of shoes you need.


Oxford shoes are classic men’s dress shoes that are wore in formal or business casual dressing. The closed lacing system, stitching across the bottom is the trademark element in oxford shoes. They come in multiple variations and colours, with black and brown are the most common ones. There is nothing more stylish in formal attire than a dark coloured suit with a shiny pair of black oxford shoes.


Derby shoes are very similar to oxford shoes with difference of closed lacing system in oxford shoes, while open lacing system in derby shoes. However, derbies are considered slightly less formal than oxford shoes. They are more versatile and comfortable than oxford. They are suitable for formal dressing, while their traditional leather varieties can be pair with casual outfits for classic look.


Brogues are another style of men shoes like oxford and derby. It is their decorative punching alongside the shoe’s leather uppers which distinct them. In fact, oxford and derby both can also be considered as brogues technically, if they have the decorative perforations (Also called broguing) along their sturdy leather uppers. Brogues shoes can be worn as both formal and casual dressing; even they can be used as an alternative to a formal like oxford shoes.


Loafers are slip-on shoes, which mean no laces. They are in-between of formal and casual shoes. They are comfortable with relaxed and stylish looks. The varieties of Loafer such as tassel loafers, velvet loafers or a classic pair of Penny loafers makes them perfect choice for most occasions.


Sneakers (also called tennis shoes, trainers, athletic shoes, sports shoes, running shoes or runners) are light weight and comfortable shoes that were initially designed for sports and other physical activities. Modern day sneakers are widely used with everyday casual wear.


Shoes and boots both cover your feet with the difference that shoe generally covers below the ankle, while boot covers feet, ankles, and sometimes calves (the lower part of leg). Boots are made up of sturdy material that are tough to protects the feet from water, cold, mud and other hazards depending upon their specific type.


Chelsea is somewhere in-between dress shoe and boot, that’s why it is also referred as Chelsea boot. Chelsea boots are close-fitting, ankle-high boots containing an elastic side panel. They are versatile, as they can equally be good for formal or casual dressing, whether it is a suit or jeans.

There are numerous footwear types with a lot of varieties of men’s shoes. They are further divided into various shapes, sizes, material and comfort level according to the specific climate, cultures and trends.


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