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7 States With the Most Beautiful Women According to MBGN (Photos)

by Jide Okonjo 11 months ago in women
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Does your state follow?

Are you ready to have some fun today? Alright!

A reader of mine messaged me via Facebook and asked me quote: "Jide, can you do a list of states with the most beautiful women in Nigeria?" Immediately, I thought to myself that that was in fact a good list idea but I also knew that I'm not one to just by my own opinion come out here and give this kind of list because things like these are very subjective.

So, I turned my eye to the body in Nigeria whose work it is to literally determine stuff like this: the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant competition.

The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) competition has been happening since 1986 and has seen women from all 36 states come and compete for that coveted crown that has been won by icons such as Regina Askia and Agbani Darego.

So, to create today's list, I decided to go through all of the winners of MBGN since it started in 1986 and tally how many times each state has won for the lifespan of the competition. The results...are interesting.

Are you ready to dive in and see what state has the Most Beautiful Women in Nigeria according to this MBGN data? Then let's go!

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7. Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja comes in at 7th place with 2 women from this state being once crowned Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.

Bianca Onoh in 1988

Bianca Onoh

and Ann Suinner in 2001

Anne Suinner

Till today, Abuja has some of the most beautiful women you will ever see.

6. Cross River

Equally with 2 winners in the past, Cross River State comes in at sixth place. Cross River saw Celia Bissong take the crown in 2003

Celia Bissong

and Isabella Ayuk take it in 2012.

Isabella Ayuk

It is undeniable! Cross River is flowing with beauty.

5. Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom comes in at 5th place seeing not 1, not 2, but 3 women walk home with the crown. They are the very iconic Regina Askia in 1988

Regina Askia

Sandra Petgrave in 1992

Sandra Petgrave

and Iheoma Nnadi in 2014.

Iheoma Nnadi

Akwa Ibom women are some of the most talked about women in Nigeria, and it's obvious why.

4. Lagos

Lagos comes in 4th position with three women as well winning from the state. Rihole Gbinigie won in 1993, Emma Komlosy in 1996 and Abiola Bashorun in 2006.

Emma Komlosy
Abiola Bashorun

Till today, there are no women like Lagos women, everybody knows it.

3. Anambra

Anambra comes in at third position delivering three winners to the MBGN competition: Chinenye Ochuba in 2002

Chinenye Ochuba

Adaeze Igwe in 2008

Adaeze Igwe

and Unoaku Anyadike in 2015.

Unouka Anyadike

Anambra women till today are simply incomparable.

2. Rivers

Coming in at second place, Rivers State brought forth not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 winners for the Most Beautiful Girl competition.

Nike Oshinowo in 1991

Nike Oshinowo

Matilda Kerry in 2000

Matilda Kerry

Agbani Darego in 2001

Agbani Darego

and the most recent 2019 winner Nyekachi Douglas

Nyekachi Douglas

A lot can be said about the women from Rivers State but one thing that has never and can never be up for debate is the level of beauty that state has.

1. Imo State

Sweeping the competition with not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but FIVE winners including the first-ever win is Imo State. Imo produced the first-ever winner Lynda Chuba in 1986

Lynda Chuba

Chika Chikezie in 1998, Angela Ukpoma in 1999

Angela Ukpoma

Munachi Nwankwo in 2007

Munachi Nwankwo

and Anita Ukah in 2018.

Anita Ukah

Imo Imo. What more can anybody say? Imo has IT!

I hope you had fun perusing this list. Did your state make it? Don't worry if they didn't, Nigeria as a whole has the most beautiful women you will ever see in the world so as a whole country, we are all winners when it comes to the beauty department!

Still I want to know...

That's All.

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Until next time, have a wonderful rest of your day.


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