7 Minimalist Fall Styles on My Radar for 2019

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Trousers are going to be a thing for me.

7 Minimalist Fall Styles on My Radar for 2019

Fall is basically here. In LA, the weather is supposed to be a high of 72 today. There’s a faint yellow-orange glow filter on everything outside. It’s just not summer anymore, you know? Which is fine by me. Fall is when my best clothes come out.

Speaking of clothes, I’m looking to change up my wardrobe a bit this Fall. I don’t want to spend a ton of money, and most of these styles can easily be found at a thrift store, Zara, or H&M, so you don’t have to break the bank (yay!).

I’ve also sort of taken a fascination with this 80s working girl slouchy power suit feeling that has taken over my Pinterest. I just figured I’d outline everything in my brain in this post so you get the idea. I’ll also link my Pinterest boards with each look so you can peruse the board and get more ideas. So without further ado, here are the Fall styles I have my eye on.


This look is nothing I’ve ever worn before, but I’m looking to give it a try. I’m not bold enough to go extreme with it yet, so I’m going to start off simple– start with a black pair of high-waisted trousers with the pleats, wear those for a while, hopefully really enjoy the new look, and buy some more. For Fall/Winter I think Black and Camel/Dark Caramel colors for trousers are really cute and fit with the darker colors of the season. Also, for a more “workish” look, get a black simple belt, nothing that makes a statement. From what I’ve researched, you want the pants themselves to be the statement. {PINTEREST BOARD}


I love my overcoats. The longer the better in my opinion. They complement my figure and make me look taller and sleeker. You can wear them with a layered look underneath (flannels, sweaters, both—go crazy). You can wear a turtleneck underneath for that Equestrian look. I don’t have the guts to wear the brownish houndstooth patterned overcoats (yet), but I think that look is so gorgeous. {PINTEREST BOARD}


This sounds like a stupid title at first blush, but let me clarify. This style is kind of like tucking in what isn’t typically tucked, and untucking what isn’t typically untucked.

For instance, untucking a long white button-up long sleeve shirt (maybe a French half-tuck) with the sleeves gently rolled for that comfortable but elegant appearance.

For tucking, tucking a sweatshirt in with a belt to cinch it all together (When done right, this looks pretty nice, as you’ll see in a bit.). {PINTEREST BOARD}


You can never have enough large sweaters. I’m so ready to wear a comfy sweater again and not be sweating bullets all day. As I mentioned above, tucking in a sweater is a cute, simple way to elevate a casual outfit. You’d be surprised how much a simple tuck can make your outfit look like it took more than 2 minutes to put together. You can go simple front tuck (for those unwieldy large sweaters that hang pretty low) or a full tuck (all the way around) for thinner sweaters that won’t insulate you to death. I’d go to YouTube to find out how to properly do a tuck. Once you practice though, you’ll want to be tucking everything in. {PINTEREST BOARD}


As someone with big feet (and annoyingly long toes), loafers are where it’s at. They give the illusion that my feet are compact and able to be contained, and look good when dressing up an outfit. Gucci loafers are something I’d love to have down the road because I love how they look and they feel like butter shoes. But for now I’m probably going to look for a more inexpensive pair. Online re-selling markets are actually really good for this. {PINTEREST BOARD}


I can’t wait to wear my Doc Martens more. I have big feet (How many more times am I going to say this?) and thankfully, Doc Martens are pretty much designed to be clownishly big. But the toe on them is nice and rounded so they aren’t pointed and witchy looking. The rounded toe eliminates the idea that my toes are long and that my feet are actually two skiis.

They’re also super comfy and make any outfit of mine give off some serious Daria vibes. They go with dark blue jeans, black jeans, rolled jeans, ripped jeans, high socks (sometimes I borrow my fiance’s funky socks) and more. I have received so many compliments on my Doc Martens that it’s truly helped shed away my Big Foot insecurities (though they still surface from time to time). They’ve overall been a great investment. {PINTEREST BOARD}


White tennis shoes were a thing this past year. However, I’m not super into the bulky FILA look that everyone’s going for. When your feet are a size 10, most shoes look clownish and it makes for a very insecure teenager, let me tell you. Therefore, I might end my white shoe search early and get a pair of KEDS. They have a simple, minimal appearance and just get the job done. I like white shoes and think they’re definitely going to transition into Fall, mostly because they can be worn with practically everything, even dresses. So those long fall dresses can be paired with white shoes if it’s too cold for sandals but also still a bit warm out.


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