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6secretes to look stylish girl

by Sarah fashion 7 months ago in tips
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Trandy fashion

6secretes to look stylish girl
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

This article will give you the secret to how look stylish in jeans and top

and give you more information and tips of how to look stylish girl

We all want to be look beautiful and elegant when you go at school or work or any place and some time we should wear anything because we don't have a time to choose what we wear and not just like that sometimes we have much time but we confuse to much about what we wear to look stylish and elegant and beautiful.

and this article will give you the solution and give you more details and secrets and amazing tips to look elegant and stylish, and faster and easier way two, and more and more of information and tips to look stylish girl.

How to look stylish girl:

To look stylish, you need to know the roles of fashion and don't worry, because i call this information a rules because it's Show your beauty more

Rule 1: choose the perfect color

You need to know how you must choose,the color of your outfits and not just like that, you need to know the color you use when you go to work or school.

The color you should be choose it:

Choose one color for all your outfit: and this amazing way because it makes you look chic and a fast and easier way to choose an outfit and makes you taller and makes your clothes look expensive.

When you want to choose two different color, When choosing two colors, choose a color and the color opposite it or the color and the color next to it, if you don't like to wear the same color on your outfit you can do this tips, you ask yourself why I need to choose the color like that because, believe me this tips is make your color of clothes look amazing and beautiful and what you don't know the graphic designer do this tips.

Choose three colors If you want to choose three colors you need to choose the colors of a triangle in the color runway, and the colors that result from it are what you wear.

Choose colored clothes that fit your body shape and I mean wear clothes that look amazing with your body and that means you need to know what your body shape is and this is rule number two.

Rule 2: your body shape

If you want to look stylish and elegant girl,you need to know what type of body shape and this is not easy to know because that's what happens to me when I want to know because my body shape is hourglass triangle body shape but if your body shape is easy to know that how to Know:

The round body: This type of body has a waist scale greater than the scale of the chest and buttocks, because it has a large belly.

The triangle body:This type has The upper side, such as the shoulders and chest, is larger than the buttocks and thighs.

Hourglass body shape:This type has Chest and hips are equal in size.

Rectangular body shape:a rectangular body has the shoulders, chest, abdomen and buttocks area all equal.

How to dress for your body type:

To dress something wonderful is not a clothing trend or trendy fashion, it's about how to mix the outfits and what type of look you love because there are many types of fashion like: casual look or femenan look or classy look or vintage.

So when you know all this it's making you easy to choose what you wear and who to look stylish and beautiful.


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