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6 Most Stunning Gold, Diamond and Eternity Rings to Woo your Girlfriend!

Assorted Eternity Rings in Gold and Diamond

6 Most Stunning Gold, Diamond and Eternity Rings to Woo your Girlfriend!
6 Most Stunning Gold, Diamond and Eternity Rings to Woo your Girlfriend!

Jewelry is the constant companion in a woman’s life. Some women are there, who have quests for several kinds of jewelry, originating from different regions in the world. Jewelry gives their look a gorgeous dimension. Jewelry helps a woman to express their hidden persona and that also without uttering a word. There is some distinctive piece of jewelry, which is meant to spread happiness, joy, hope, and positivity.

Diamond rings are something that amplifies a woman’s dignity and integrity. Rings are something that expresses the inner glow. The vivacious and stunning rings can leave an enormous and strong impact on everybody’s mind. Even if we go back to ancient civilizations, rings were considered as a gesture of highness and opulence. Diamond rings make a lady feel special, charming, elegant, and sophisticated.

You are exceptional if you can pick up the perfect ring to woo your lady love because most of the men are generally confused in a bunch of options. Being loyal and dedicated to your partner is the utmost important thing. In this rat race of urbanization also there should be no shame in making your girlfriend appealing and help her showcasing her inner and outer glow. Earlier people used to decide the groom’s social status and financial extravagance by just seeing the engagement ring.

Recently the fashion industry has witnessed a lot of evolution and these eternity rings are also not an exception. Now with extravagance people are also seeing their comfort zone. But still, now eternity rings are carrying the same value. These rings hold the shape of an infinite circle, which signifies your long term companionship and eternal love. The eternity rings don’t have an ending, just how your partnership should be.

More than expressing the spirit of a bride, lightweight diamond eternity rings are also about establishing the attainable chic vibe. Not only bride but also if your lady love is going to be a bridesmaid then these eternity rings will make the best gifts because generally girls get excited about their bestie’s wedding and start the prep at least a month ago. So why don’t you help her sort out the problem of accessories by gifting her iconic eternity rings?

While picking up the right ring you must be confused and feeling like stuck within a maze and that is why to make your life simpler Vardui Kara is here with its versatile and assorted variety of diamond eternity rings.

14k diamond spiral ring

The spiral design generally signifies the value of life, creativity, and consciousness. The spiral design also tells the fact that life is full of ups and downs and you understand life better as the mystery unfolds in the future. The gorgeous 14k gold ring is engraved with sparkling 0.52 carat diamonds. The spiral pattern of the ring is evoking the concept of individuality and feminism.

18 karat gold diamond ring

This distinguished 18k gold ring is from our exclusive “Fortress” collection. The collection signifies feminine beauty and strength. The elaborative design, the detailed artwork, and the exquisite craftsmanship manifest the equilibrium between fineness, elegance, and boldness. This iconic Fortress stackable ring is designed with eight polished innermost 18k gold vertical bars. These vertical bars are inscribed with full-cut diamonds and are also attached smoothly by faceted bars forming the mirrored peak.

18k yellow gold ring

The fortress collection is all about revealing the luminous charm of feminism. As you all know, Vardui had always cast the jewelry on the idea of the Renaissance period, which depicts to break all the norms and prejudices and bring an evolution in the society. Our fortress collection is to depict the bastion of strength. It indicates all the women, who have the guts to stand against the orthodox superstitions. This extraordinary ring contains nine equidistant vertical golden bars, which are engraved with full cut white diamonds and attached by smooth and faceted vertical bars.

Teardrop diamond ring

“Authenticity”, “ethnicity” and “divine femininity”- are the three keys to our special Mystique collection. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend- all you need to add is a subtle sparkle to enhance the enchanting charm. With our Mystique collection, your path of life crosses with the concept of mystical elegance. The solid gold ring features a poised and exuberant teardrop diamond engraved within a gold chamber along with a V-Prong setting.

Rope diamond ring

There are some eternity rings that not only embrace your fingers but also interact with your inner glow and reflect the high brilliance and sophistication. This 14k gold ring with a delicate and poised texture is one of them. The artistic piece is designed with a swirling spiral motif, which eventually turns into the design of a rope. The white diamonds on every curve of the spiral design is also helping elevate the hype of this eternity ring.

Eternity diamond ring

No matter what new trend grabs the jewelry market, eternity bands will always be “dearly” to all the ladies and especially when it comes to their wedding or engagement. The fortress diamond band is a sign of love, life, and dedication. This fortress ring evokes endless artistry, timeless beauty, and passionate romance. This elegant ring features various equivalent vertical gold bars, embedded with some flamboyant diamonds, which gives the ornament as an “out of the world” look.

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