6 Fashion Pieces that Guarantee Your Safety

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Being fashionable is not hard, especially now that there are lots of fashion items and accessories available in the market. If you know how to mix and match colors, patterns and designs, you don’t have to worry about not looking stylish. However, being just fashionable will not save you from the common dangers in the street, especially when you are traveling.

6 Fashion Pieces that Guarantee Your Safety

Therefore, you must be smart when picking fashion pieces to wear. To protect yourself from pickpockets and other people who will try to harm you, take advantage of these trendy and unique fashion pieces that guarantee your safety.

Infinity Scarf

A scarf is often used during cold weather, but not only can itprotect you from the chill, it can also save you from being a target of thieves. You can protect your valuables such as your cards and cash by tucking them into the scarf’s large zippered pocket. Because it is around your neck, it is easy to get a hold of your valuables whenever you need them. Thieves will think it is a mere scarf and they won’t even imagine your valuables are there.

Pickpocket-Proof Business Shirt

It is always necessary to look good in the workplace, and a business shirt is a common work clothing staple of every man. While you try to look good at work, why not wear a fashionable business shirt that will also protect you from pickpockets? This time, you will not only be loved for your fashion sense, but you can also protect your valuables by hiding them in the inner zip pocket of your business shirt. It is great for flat items such as credit cards, ID cards and cash. This pocket is hidden in your shirt’s breast pocket so no one will suspect that you are hiding something inside your stylish shirt.

Travel Wrap Skirt

Another way of protecting your valuables from pickpockets is by wearing a travel wrap skirt. This skirt is very pretty, though it is a little loose in style. You can get one with five zippered pockets for hiding your important stuff, making it an impressive pickpocket-proof fashion item. Who’s going to think that what lies in this beautiful, stylish skirt are your valuables?

Stash n' Run Sports Bra

When you’re running in strange streets or walking through a crowded place, you are likely to feel uncomfortable and scared. Also, if you’re just wearing workout clothes such as leggings and sports bra, it’s not easy to think where you’re going to put your money or card if you need to buy something. Luckily, you can wear a stash n’ run sports bra and place your cash and cards in its front pockets. You don’t have to worry about losing your valuables when running because they are safe inside your fashionable and pickpocket-proof sports bra.

RFID Wallet

If you don’t have any of these anti-theft and pick-pocket proof clothes, you can still protect your valuables by using RFID wallets. What’s great about having an RFID wallet is that it has RFID blocking capabilities so you can protect all your information from thieves and hackers. They come in many types and colors, and it’s up to you which RFID wallet you’re going to pick. They are all fashionable and efficient, so you won’t find it difficult to choose the one that suits your tang.

RFID Security Organizing Handbag

Like the RFID wallet, this handbag also has RFID blocking capabilities, so thieves cannot steal your personal information for stealing and hacking purposes. This handbag is great for students who want to have a fashionable handbag and at the same time, protect their valuables from thieves. It also has twelve different pockets for organizing lots of stuff.

Gracie Evans
Gracie Evans
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