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5 Simple Ways To Look Great Every day

by Sally From The Shine Project about a month ago in tips
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Shortcuts to always looking well put together

5 Simple Ways To Look Great Every day
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"When you look good you feel good" they say...and I believe it's definitely true.

Looking good makes you feel confident and carry yourself better, which in return affects how you get treated as well.

So here are in my opinion 5 very simple ways to looking good every day without putting on an extra effort.

Have a backup "dress to impress" outfit

First impressions are real, and a key secret ingredient in the success of many deals, negotiations, and even simple social interactions.

It takes people seconds to notice your outfits and make a judgment about your entire character based on it. More important, being well dressed up affects how confident you feel about yourself.

Sadly but realistically, you don't wake up every day in the creative mood for putting up a great outfit like an IT Girl; Let's be real, often you're not even in the mood to try and you just want to be out of the door.

This is why having a backup "dress to impress" outfit idea is a great trick to keep up your sleeve. Think of an outfit combination (and some variations) that make you feel both comfortable and confident.

When you don't feel like deciding on an outfit or going through your wardrobe to pick up your dress of the day, you can always fall back on this outfit choice to both look and feel good. This saves you a lot of stress too!

Do the hair to keep up airs

You'll always feel good about yourself if your hair is done well. And I don't mean blow drying your hair every day but figuring out what type of haircut and hairstyle works the best for your face can make a huge difference.

Try out a few hairstyles that fit both your face and personality. Whenever you're having a bad hair day or simply can't find the time or the energy to blow dry your hair (or even wash it), you can always do a quick hairstyle that you know beforehand will look good on you.

Make sure it's a bright, and white smile

Smiling makes a woman more attractive, that is a known scientific fact. And, when you have a beautiful smile that you feel confident about, you feel like you can afford to drop all the makeup brushes and blushes.

So invest in your smile. Nowadays, there are so many budget-friendly teeth whitening kits that you can apply in no time at home. There is really no excuse to go out with coffee stains on your teeth anymore.

The double benefit is that when you're confident in your smile, you smile more which puts YOU actually in a better mood.

Moisturize everywhere

If you have a very low budget, I'd say prioritize a moisturizer over makeup any time of day. And not just for the face but your entire body.

There is nothing that looks as bad as dry looking, flaky skin..or parched dry lips..or dry as sanding paper hands. You got it, the keyword to avoid is "DRY".

Healthy skin is well-moisturized skin. And it's a look you can't hide even with the best foundation or lip balm.

Always maintain a good posture

Having suffered from this, I can go on and on about the surprising and incredible effects of posture on our lives.

Since we're mainly speaking about looking great, I'll stick to that though. All you have to remember is that a straight back and good posture scream confidence and good self-esteem, while rounded shoulders and bad posture portray a completely different image.

You can either look like a princess or...the hunchback of Notre dame. It's your choice (I'm not addressing any physical or health issue here.)

So make sure to start a posture fixing exercise routine or add it to your workout routine. Out of all the body workouts out there, this is, without doubt, the best exercise you can do for your body.

So there you have it, 5 simple and cheap ways to look great every day without spending much time, effort or energy on it.


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