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5 Best Pink Engagement Rings for Women

Here you can find the top 5 Pink Engagement Rings

By Eric BakerPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Pink engagement rings will never go out of style because women love pink. It’s their favorite color and also the color of love. The color pink denotes love, nurture, and compassion like nothing else does. Whenever you think of love, pink hearts come to your mind.

Pink also defines femininity. No doubt this color is ruling the hearts of women as regards their engagement rings. If you want a pink engagement ring from your partner, here are 5 of the best ones that you can choose from.

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds are breathtaking in many ways: they’re the hardest substance on earth, their brightness & scintillation can make you drool over them and they occur in many colors. Pink is one such color in which diamonds occur. So, let’s learn about pink diamond engagement rings.

A pink diamond is your best pick if you’re looking for an out-and-out pink stunner. Representing happiness and delight, pink diamonds are nature’s rare gemstones. So, these diamonds can be extremely expensive. If budget is not an issue for your fiancé-to-be, ask him for a pink diamond engagement ring.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

Apart from diamonds, sapphire is another great gemstone that comes in many colors and pink is one of them. Pink sapphires are some of the best awe-inspiring gemstones that command high prices. Pink sapphires with intensely saturated colors are a sight for sore eyes. In addition, the romantic aura of these gemstones makes them the number one contender for your engagement ring.

In the list of pink engagement rings, this one also stands out because it’s a fancy color variety of the most royal gemstone ever, sapphire. A pink sapphire ring in white or rose gold will honor your love in the best possible way.

Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring

Another sapphire ring, ah! This one is a stunner in its own right. People describe the color of padparadscha sapphire as sunset, peach, or salmon. However, we will describe the color of this gemstone as a blend of orange and pink colors. Padparadscha sapphires are highly desired among women because of their fiery yet soothing hues.

A pink engagement ring featuring a padparadscha sapphire should be on your list. Opt for a bright padparadscha sapphire for your engagement ring because it’ll give the ring a vibrant appearance. Choose white gold for your ring to accentuate the beauty of your center stone.

Pink Morganite Engagement Ring

Another romantic engagement ring is the Morganite engagement ring. Morganite is gem-quality beryl known for its soft baby pink color. The hues of this gemstone can be pink or salmon/peachy pink. What makes this gemstone a great pick for your engagement ring is its pink color, high brilliance, and impressive hardness & durability.

Despite being a rare and valuable gemstone, it’s available at a decent price. You can choose a morganite engagement ring because of its extremely romantic and sensual hues. Choose yellow gold for your morganite engagement ring to intensify the warmth of its morganite centerstone.

Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring

The pink-to-pinkish red color variety of tourmaline inspires feelings of love like nothing else does. This gemstone never fails to impress with its striking pink hues. The gleam and shine of pink tourmaline will remind you of the never-ending love that you two share for each other.

A pinkish-red tourmaline gemstone is all you need for your life’s most special jewel. Choose a pink tourmaline engagement ring and let the world fall in love with your love story.

Final Words

Pink engagement rings are some of the hottest trends that we’re currently seeing in the world of gemstone jewelry. Embrace your love for pink with any of these pink engagement rings. For fashioning your pink engagement ring, choose GemsNY.


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