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by Malvika Sheth about a year ago in tips

With the myriad of emotions running through our hearts and minds having to stay home, I’m sure, in one way or another, your mood has come through in what you’ve worn.

Dressing up every day has a lot to do with how we feel, right? Some days we’re inspired to try a new trend, and other days we couldn’t care for something form flattering so we opt for something comfy, allowing us to spend time watching Netflix and eating ice cream by the pint (I hope I’m not alone here). Upon reflection, here are a few outfits I’ve worn that sum up pretty much every quarantine/stay-at-home mood:

1. All I Need is Wifi (And Maybe Some Love)

Top: Recycled Karma

What would we do without WiFi? WiFi definitely takes up a good portion of the love I have within me. Family and friends, you get a portion of it too I guess, haha. On another note, I have a love-hate relationship with logo tees. Love, because some days you just want everyone to know how you feel without having to speak a word, and hate, well, because I go through so many more emotions and thoughts in a day that I wish my tee could capture every one of them. Hey! There’s a new idea. Someone should come up with a tee that changes logos according to your thoughts. Who knows, maybe we’re not too far off from something like that.

2. Energy Required To Get Through My Emails

Top: Kate Spade , Heels: Bally

Orange is such a vivacious color, that I knew if I threw it on, I’d be on my way to re-energizing myself. I vividly remember getting up on this day, and hitting snooze twice before finally bouncing myself up out of bed and telling my closet to help me charge my batteries. Closet dearest helped me gravitate towards orange, a color that symbolizes enthusiasm, encouragement, and determination. Needless to say, the day started with me rubbing my eyes to the point of them watering, and ended with me successfully solidifying a few business deals.

3. I Really Just Want to Travel, Already

Shorts: Twinset

Traveling inspires me to no end. Even after I’ve left a place, the imagery and vivid memories never leave me–resurfacing sometimes in my dreams, and other times, manifesting themselves in what I wear! Thinking back to some of the best architecture I’ve seen, I created a look totally inspired by the details found in Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque.

Alright, now here come the memories once again. Excuse me while I day dream for an hour or so….




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Malvika Sheth
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