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3 Essential Dressing Tips for Plus Size Women

by Samantha Clarke about a year ago in tips

No, you don't have to wear black.

3 Essential Dressing Tips for Plus Size Women
Photo by Rushina Morrison on Unsplash

As a curvy woman, I am always searching for inspiration online for dressing tips. With the advent of social media and the rise of body acceptance regardless of body shape, I am glad that curvy women now have a larger platform to share their style. Through the many articles I have read and following of multiple fearless plus size influencers on social media, I have come to the following conclusion on plus size dressing:

1. Have fun with prints!

No, it is not a sin to wear prints as a plus size woman! You just have to be smart about it. The truth is bigger prints will flatter curvy women better. Think big polka dots and big floral prints. Smaller prints like ditsy flowers and tiny polka dots will make you look bigger as the smaller prints will cover a wider area. It is a clever optical illusion for an instant slimming effect! For instance, see the gorgeous curvy lady in the image above; she is wearing thick stripes and big stars, and you have to agree that it flatters her!

2. Colours are your best friend

No, you don't have to only wear black, navy blue or dull colours! Life is worth celebrating and you should wear all the colours of the rainbow if you desire. Plus size only clothing stores like Hello Curve get that and offer lavender purple floral dresses, sunny yellow shift dresses and gorgeous floral dresses. Dress intelligently with colour block designs. It's common to find dresses mixing prints and colours nowdays. Find one with a dull colour where you would like your lady lumps hidden, and your favourite bright colour where you would love your lovely lady curves accentuated. An example would be a patterned upper portion and a dark coloured lower portion dress. Having said that, we would ditch overly-bright fluorescent colours. Any woman would have difficulty working those colours!

3. Tight is not always better

Have you seen those plus size ladies who constantly wear everything tight? From tight skinny jeans to tight t-shirts and bodycon dresses? I have nothing against them; but please know that that is not your only dressing method! With the increase in choices for plus size women nowadays, you can find clothing with looser cuts and well-made tailoring. Brands that emphasize on quality and cut like Madewell now offer stylish straight leg jeans, well fitted shirts and even artfully draped blouses in plus sizes. With tailor made designs you don't have to wear tight clothes to show off your curves. A well fitted outfit will slim your frame down without you having to contend with the sometimes uncomfortably tight clothes.

At the end of the day, never let size limit your style. With the plethora of clothing options for plus size women nowadays, it would be a huge discredit to yourself to not express who you are with fashion!


Samantha Clarke

Hello, I am interested in fashion and am an aspiring fashion writer. I am looking to share my writings, get feedback and gain some inspiration on Vocal!

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Samantha Clarke
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