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10 Custom Name Necklace Pieces to Style with Every Fashion

popular custom name necklaces to match with each fashion

By kaash customsPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

At the very first only rappers and hip hop, jewelry lovers used to wear name jewelry. Not any more. Custom Jewelry is trending everywhere. Like everybody wants a piece of custom name necklace. The demand for custom jewelry is very high in the USA. The best part of using customized jewelry is it allows you to be creative with each piece of jewelry.

There are a lot of products available for name jewelry. Like name rings, name pendants, name anklets, name earrings, name bracelets, and more. But the name necklaces stand for the popular name jewelry piece. Custom name necklace come up with various patterns and styles. Let's discuss this in deep.

The Top 10 Popular Styles of Custom Name Necklace

1) Signature Style Necklace:

The signature style or handwritten necklaces are such a classic name necklace. You can engrave your own signature on necklaces. Or you can go for any handwritten name. The signature style necklaces more popular because it has your personal touch. So a piece of the signature necklace will be a memorable gift to give your dear one. Signature style necklaces most suit with gold material. You can also choose from different materials for signature necklaces.

2) Spaced out Name Necklace:

The spaces out name necklaces are also known as initial choker necklaces. And the choker is never off to the fashion jewelry piece for women. As the name suggests, spaced-out name necklaces consist of space between letters. You can add up to 9 letters to this name necklace piece. Spaced out custom name necklace will match most of the outfit especially with v neck dresses.

3) Initial Diamond Necklaces:

The initial jewelry is in fashion for a very long term. So you will get a variety of options for initial jewelry. And as everyone knows, a woman can never say no to diamonds. So if you want to impress your lady, then gift her a piece of an initial diamond necklace. A piece of initial diamond necklace works well with men's fashion as well. The initial diamond necklaces shine best with every fashion style. Anyone can use an initial diamond necklace on frequent wear as well.

4) Heart Name Necklace:

Heart-shaped jewelry is every time popular for couples. So let go with custom jewelry. A heart-shaped jewelry will help you to express your love. With customization, you can carve your loved one's names in a necklace piece. There are a lot of patterns available for heart shaped name necklaces. You can engrave one or two names into heart shaped necklaces. A heart shaped necklace piece will be a perfect option to gift your loved one. Like you can gift a heart name necklace to your girlfriend, wife, mom, or your best friend.

5) Initial Monogram Necklaces:

Again it's the best classic piece of custom name necklace. Monogram jewelry includes name rings, name earrings, initial pendants, and monogram necklaces. A piece of initial monogram necklace is fresh in trending name jewelry. The initial monogram necklace can define your fashion style in a better way. The monogram necklaces come up with a simple metal design and with diamonds.

6) Personalized Year Necklaces:

Do you wish to remark your specific year? Try for personalized year necklaces. You can engrave any year that has so special for you. Personalized year necklaces are also a memorable jewelry gift option. Personalized year necklaces are useful for casual and fashion wear.

7) Bar Pendant Necklaces:

The bar pendant stands for the classic custom name necklace piece. The bar pendants have their own popularity in custom jewelry collections. The bar pendant necklaces are suitable for both men's and women's fashion. If you want to engrave more than one name them go for multiple bar pendants. You don't always have to go with gold material. Try this time evergreen rose gold. Rose gold material works well with bar pendant necklaces.

8) Zodiac Chain Necklaces:

Are you looking for some spiritual jewelry? Let's go for a zodiac chain necklace. There are many wonderful creations available for zodiac custom jewelry. It's a piece of jewelry that expresses your personality and your style. Zodiac chain necklaces also allow you to create layers. You can manually style zodiac chain necklaces with your outfits.

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9) Multiple Name Necklaces:

And we are here with a new custom jewelry piece. You can carve more than one name in a single chain piece, just like infinity name necklaces. Or you can also create a new design for pendant necklaces.

10) Infinity Name Necklace:

Infinity name necklace is a classic jewelry piece of custom jewelry. The infinity-styled necklace will match your every fashion and formal outfit. It's also a light-weighted jewelry piece. So, you can carry it easily. The infinity patterns allow you to engrave more than one name. Like you can engrave two or four names easily on infinity necklaces. So it's a kind of a family necklace. As infinity symbolized eternal love and care, it will be a good gift choice for your dear one. You can gift your mom or dad a piece of infinity name necklace engraved with all family member's names.

So these are some popular custom name necklace styles that everyone should try.


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