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Your dog's sleeping position determines your dog's personality

Which position does your dog's sleep in?

By PompeiixPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

The life span of a dog is about 10-15 years. After a dog is raised, the owner has to live with the dog for a long time. I have a dog myself, so I know that when a dog becomes a family member, the owner will get used to the existence of the dog.

So, do you really know your dog? How happy is your dog's life? What is your dog's personality? How is your dog doing in this home?

I believe that most owners have not considered this problem, so today I will teach you, through the dog sleeping position, to understand the dog's personality, and whether it is satisfied with life.

Lie on your side type

First is lie on your side, lie on your side is the most common of all pet dog sleeping position, for dogs, lie on your side type is also the most comfortable position, because side lying position, can be all dog body weight evenly spread on the ground, let the dog dog and muscle relaxation in all directions, if you look in everyday life, you will find that the dog dog dreaming are generally side lying position, This means the dog has gone into a deep sleep.

If your dog sleeps on his/her side, it is a sign that he/she is happy and secure in his/her life and environment. It is also a sign that his/her owner is taking good care of him/her.

Lie prone position

In daily life, the most common use of prone sleeping position is stray dogs, because dogs have the strongest hind legs, and prone sleeping position is the most conducive to the dog's hind legs, even when sleeping, can also run away at any time.

So generally speaking, dogs do not sleep in the prone position. Most dogs sleep in the prone position because they are in a state of limber sleep and temporary rest. They do not go into a deep sleep.

But if your family pet dog often uses prone sleeping position, you are about to reflect, first of all, this dog extremely lack of security, second, it is not at ease about the home environment, think danger will come at any time.

Sleep on your stomach with your head down

Secondly, there is a special sleeping position which is very interesting. When the dog sleeps on his stomach, the dog's head is buried in his legs. If your dog often sleeps in this position, don't think twice about it. Cover him up or put some clothes on. He's just cold!

Because most sled dogs sleep in this position to keep out the cold!

Wonderful work position

In addition to the above, there are many bizarre sleeping positions among dogs. Some dogs will sit by their owner's door with their bellies exposed and face up like a human. Some dogs even show their teeth while they sleep.

If your dog appears in this strange sleeping position, you don't think much about it, it proves that the dog is very satisfied with the outside environment and full of security, because dogs are animals, the belly is their weakest place, once your dog can sleep with the belly exposed, it shows that the dog trusts family members very much, and even thinks that the owner can protect it.

Of course, this kind of dog you don't expect it to watch the house, it is a growing child.

Therefore, in the life of a dog, you only need to observe the sleeping position of the dog when the dog is sleeping soundly at night. As long as the dog does not use the "prone sleeping position" to sleep, you do not need to care.

Any other sleeping position means the dog is happy with his life and loves his owner! However, if your dog does sleep in the prone position, you, as the owner, need to be more concerned about the dog, interact with the dog, encourage the dog often, and let the dog sleep next to your bed if necessary to increase the dog's sense of security.


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  • Aaron Huberman4 months ago

    My dog sleeps in all kinds of crazy positions but at night she's usually sprawled out on her back taking up all the space on the bed.

  • Matras Dohrmann6 months ago

    Dogs are the most spiritual animals

  • Mark Graham7 months ago

    Good work from another dog person. My dog sleeps mostly on her side.

  • Mariann Carroll7 months ago

    Nice read. Could not resist a dog story

  • Ginger Gillenwater7 months ago

    This is great. I'm glad to know my dog is sleeping in positions that show he feels safe.

  • Jeremy Frommer7 months ago

    Great pictures. Nice to know my dog is happy when he sleeps.

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