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Why Should We Protect Animals?

Animals are lifelines

By Tanvi PuniaPublished 3 months ago 2 min read

The question is explained to us - The importance of animals in our day-to-day life. Without animals how much of our life is going to be difficult? It is really necessary for us to save animals' lives. We can't imagine our life without animals. Animals make human life easy. Animals give us food and as pets are the best companions. Some animals are also a source of earning for people and animals help farmers in farming. Some are living with them as their family members. I will be sharing my own experience with you guys to let you know what I feel about the importance of animals to man. I am sharing here my experience with our pet, his name was Coco. When my wife was pregnant we had that sweet dog. He would come to her and keep his head on her belly most of the time. Then my daughter was born after a few months. What I noticed is Coco was excited the same as I was when he saw my daughter for the first time. He liked playing with her a lot and enjoying and making my daughter laugh. He lived for about four and a half years after my daughter was born. What I felt was that he would understand that my daughter was a child and never harm her. He would recognize her and enjoy playing with her. Animals are one of the best friends of humans.

Know the reason why Animals are important in our lives -

  • Animals are the best companions of humans.
  • Animals are perfect caregivers.
  • Animals are a source of food.
  • Animals as a source of livelihood
  • Animals work for us
  • Animals used for Rehabilitation.
  • Animals help us for safety and security.
  • Animals are the source of leather and help us to discover new medicines.

Some reasons why we need to save animals -

  • Animals keep our Ecosystem healthy
  • For research and experiment in the medical field
  • Animals help in Agriculture and Farming.
  • For Healthy Environment
  • For Preserving Rich Biodiversity
  • For Recreation
  • For Economic Value
  • For the Livelihood of Individuals
  • For Aesthetic Value
  • For Socio-Cultural Value.

How can we save animals' lives?

We can do many things to protect animals. First of all, I would like to say that we too are animals and if we can protect humans (animals) then why can't we protect other animals?

Keep some water on your roof so that the birds can drink the water on summer days and if possible please spread some grains on your roof

Don't hit any animals, especially dogs & cats which we see in our daily routine

If in any scene you find there are ants in your house you can sweep them out of your house so that they can at least be alive.

We would have to understand that every natural identity has come on this earth with some or more purpose and we don't have any right to interfere in their life without any genuine reasons whether it be anyone (humans or other animals).

To Sum Up -

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