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Why Should I Choose a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

by Eris 4 years ago in breeds
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What makes this breed so great?


If you clicked on this article, you must be a Cavalier lover! If not, perhaps you want to become one. No matter who you are or what your opinion of these little canine angels may be, you will surely come to love them by the end of your read! To clarify, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is essentially the same breed as a King Charles Spaniel, but with aesthetic differences. The main difference is in the face, particularly, the snout. The snout is longer and more delicate, compared to a King Charles Spaniel, whom possess a flatter, more compressed snout.

Why Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?

My knowledge of this breed comes from extensive research and personal experiences with them. I have cared for this breed in a veterinary kennel setting. This breed is so wonderful that I fell in love with them at first sight. Read on to fall in love with Cavaliers!

One of the Cavaliers That I Have Cared for.

A Brief Profile

Averaging between thirteen and twenty pounds, the slender and lightweight breed is a perfect lapdog. Because of their light bodies and gentle frame, they are wonderful dogs for young children and the elderly. They stand, on average, about a foot tall. Although they are a dog bred from nobility, they are adept in sporting just as their spaniel cousins are. Their royal bloodline and iconic name stem from the late King Charles I and his son, Charles II. Although descendants of royalty, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel enjoys a good hunt or run, as any dog does. Prince or pauper lifestyle, your Cavalier will always be right by your side.

Temperament and Companionship

One of the sweetest and even-tempered dogs amongst its breed, the Cavalier is fit for everyone. Perhaps the only downside (dependent upon the individual) about the Cavalier personality, is that they adore attention. The Cavalier cannot be left alone for long periods of time. Think of them as your child. You wouldn’t leave your child alone for longer than a day, would you? These dogs are just like children and require abundant love and attention. If you have the time to dedicate to them, they will be the most loyal and loving companion animal you can find.


Next to their bubbly personality, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the cutest toy breeds in the spaniel gene pool. They have all of the looks of a classic cute pooch: delicate paws, flowing and silky fur, and a delicate, round snout. Their trademark feature, which may be the cutest yet, is their wavy, floppy ears. Just look at those gorgeously groomed, tangle-free, shining ears.

SOURCE: Stefano Venturi/Shutterstock


Depending on how the owner decides to keep their dog’s coat, grooming is easy for this breed. They require slightly more attention than short hair breeds, but it is not a huge task to overcome. Special attention to brushing the ears is a wise idea. The ears are the most sensitive and easily tangled portion of their body due to the thick and wavy fur that adorns them. Brushing or combing should be scheduled for three to four times a week. The breed, unless kept outside (which is STRONGLY ADVISED AGAINST) should only be bathed as needed. This is an often clean breed. If you keep their coat long, pay special attention to the feet and butt area. Be sure to clip or wash away any leftover poop from potty breaks. If the rear end is not kept clean, it will begin to stink and can put your dog at risk for anal or vaginal infection and inflammation. As for nails, eyes, nose, and dental hygiene, care for them as you would any other dog. Treat these areas as needed, and if any concerning signs begin to show, take your dog to your trusted vet.

Have I Convinced You Yet?

Although this is quite a short list of things that make the breed great, I hope it is enough to convince you to come to love these little angels. Feel free to do your own research on the breed if you are still unsure about your stance on them.

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