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Why Pets Are The Best Companions.

by Tyler Hall about a year ago in humanity

They are more than a convenience as they are more human that people.

Annie, my current animal companion.

Let's face it: Pets make the best companions ever. There is no denying the obvious. Sure, there are times our pets annoy us, but despite it all, they are far better than humans. Nobody can argue with that. Though out our entire lives, we raised, bonded and even made memories with our pets. They are the truest friends we could ever imagine. Perhaps pets could also be considered a great member of the family.

Of all the pets I've had over the years, the ones which stuck in my mind were my cats. I've had dogs before, but for some reason, I remember my cats better than my dogs. Maybe its because of the memories relating to how my cats behaved.

My first cat, Lucky (she died in 2005), was notorious for having loads of litters. Bob, whom we kept from Lucky's very first litter, was noted for sitting on the arm of the chair watching television.

Here are simple reason as to why pets make the best companions.

1. They do not lie.

Name me a pet whom has ever been dishonest? Name me one. Looks like I stand firm on this assumption. Pets have no reason to lie. They have nothing to gain from lying to you or about anything they've done, good or bad. Pets are always truthful and have nothing to hide.

2. Pets are good at reading people.

The best way to tell if someone is good or bad? Watch how your pet reacts around them. I've heard countless stories about pets, mainly dogs, whom have reacted uneasy around someone. It was only later discovered that said person was a bad individual. Pets whom are normally calm around someone, however, are said to be good people. So, if your pet is acting up around someone, pay close attention. Something could be amiss with that person.

3. Pets do not judge us for our live style choices, beliefs, creeds, or interests.

Last time I looked, pets did not care one way or another in regard to one's interests. Regardless of one's religious views, political stance, or life style choices, pets do not seem to concern themselves with the interests of another person. I've never seen nor heard of pets getting all irate because of what their owners did or enjoyed. Our animal companions will enjoy association with us no matter of what we do. Its as though our pets are accepting of us no matter what we say or do.

4. We learn responsibility.

As a child, one thing I was first taught was to take care of the pets. In fact, pets are the best teachers of responsibility. It is because we learn to provide for another living being. With our pets, we learn when to feed, clean, and play with them. There is also the fact we learn about the health of our pets and why its important not just to them, but to us. In fact, taking care of pets is the best way to prepare someone in the way of parenthood. Now, I will admit that raising children is far more stressful than raising a pet, but raising a pet could prove to be good experience.

5. We learn that living things, do in fact, die.

The lost of a pet is never easy. Yet, it does help us prepare for the inevitable fate which awaits us all. Understanding the loss of a pet can help us understand death much better. We better learn to appreciate the time that we have with our pets. And in tune, it helps us appreciate the time we have with our loved ones as well.

In closing, I am not sure whom it was that tamed animals into becoming our pets. However, I am sure we owe a lot to that person; or people whom took it upon themselves to domesticate wild animals. Since the beginning of time, pets have been more than companions, they've been our friends. Years may pass, and centuries may go, but one thing is for certain: our pets will remain loyal to us until the end of time.


Tyler Hall

I have been a writer since I was old enough to write.

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Tyler Hall
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