Why Pets are great for your mental health during lock down

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Why Pets are great for your mental health during lock down
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One positive about being stuck inside is that we get to spend time with out furry friends.

Did you know that science says pets are good for your mental health, and have been shown to improve productivity in the work place.

Here are some of the benefits that come with having a pet.

Keeping you fit.

Dogs of all sizes need exercise, so even if you are not feeling like going for a walk that day your dog sure will, and because of this you will feel happier and healthier while getting your daily steps in.

Reduces loneliness

Coming home to someone waiting is a great feeling. Who wants to come home to an empty apartment? A pet waiting for you, who will be super excited to see you and hear about your day is the perfect remedy for a long slog at the office.

Make friends.

When we are not having to comply with social distancing, having a pet makes it easier to make friends. Not only is having a pet great practise for conversation but when taking a dog on a walk you are ten times more likely to be approached and asked if they can pet your dog (I am totally one of these people).

Lower stress and reduce anxiety

Modern day life is stressful.and can lead to high levels of anxiety which in turn can lead to other health problems. Pets can help us relax, simply by stroking your cat or even watching fish swim around their tank can help your worries melt away.

Increase happiness

Improving your mental well being, combating loneliness and always ready to make you laugh, our furry friends are wonderful for helping us live in the moment and bringing joy to our lives. Especially in today's world while we are stuck at home stressing about work with no escape, our pets can help us take a break from our work load.

Even Improve your immune system

Dogs work like a probiotic, helping you to develop healthy bacteria colonies that in turn boost your immune system, important for kicking hay fevers butt and helping to improve other health issue.

Teach kids (and adults) responsibility

Having a pet is a great way to learn responsibility, this creature is completely reliant on you and your ability to provide for it. Taking them for walks, feeding them, training them (to prevent them from wrecking your home),vet bills. But what they give you in return for all of that is unconditional love.

Having a pet

They are expensive, they need insurance, injections and food. You have to be organised and you would no longer be able to stay for that drink or 7 after work, go on an impromptu holiday without arranging for some one to care for them and they take up your time with training and need constant attention. They are not as is said- 'a walk in the park' but any pet owner will let you know., It's totally worth it.

Having a pet is a lifestyle change. but the health benefits are scientifically proven and it's just plain awesome.

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