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Why Pet-Friendly Hotels Are Becoming Popular

by Sephora Couturier about a year ago in travel

The Rise of Pet-Friendly Hotels

Why Pet-Friendly Hotels Are Becoming Popular

Pet-friendly hotels are like a one-stop shop.

This hotel is not only accepting your pet, but also trying to provide all your possible needs; food, dishes, toys, dog beds, etc. Although their policy differs from hotel to hotel, the concept is similar: pet friendly.

The following are the most common policies that differ from each hotel.

  • The amount rates and refundable deposit.
  • Some hotels have a pet size limit.
  • Several hotels have a list of unwelcome dog breeds.
  • Restricted area for pets.
  • Allowable numbers of pet per room.

With Americans travel spending reach $924 billion this 2018, combining it with the growing trend of owner-pet traveler, it's not surprising that hotels and lodging will open its doors for pet-friendly policy. Like other industries, hotels and lodging have cut-throat competition. All are vying for customer booking and reservation.

Big spender means big market.

How much do the Chinese spend on the luxury of their pets? These people spent $2.6 billion this year alone, a 50 percent increase from the 2016 statistic. How much do the American people love their pets? They manifested their love by spending $72 billion this year. Wow, that's a lot of money.

Backed by big numbers, it's not surprising that pet-friendly hotels are becoming popular. We need to remember that these numbers are increasing yearly. Now let's find out why the hotel management should adapt to this growing trend.

What is it to the hotel management?

As mentioned earlier, people are spending money on traveling and they need accommodation. As common sense suggests, if you have a pet you should book at a pet-friendly hotel. That does not end there—to attract more customers, some hotels are going an extra mile: they are offering a complete package of amenities for the pet's enjoyment.

Also, the hotel management can generate a lot of profit in this market. They can raise the rate for pet owners. Furthermore, the traveler always needs supplies and certain amenities for their pets. The bottom line, the hotel can sell at a profit all the items that they need.

What the Management Can Expect from This Market

The hotel can create brand loyalty_pet-lovers will always support all the businesses that promote the well being of their pets. Since the competition of a pet-friendly hotel isn't big compared to a regular hotel, repeat business is high.

The hotel management might also benefit from word of mouth marketing. Most pet-owners are members of an animal club or welfare organization, so the chances are higher that they might recommend the hotel to their group. The least that they can do is to post their hotel experience in social media.


Indeed the travel industry is growing, hence the pet-owner traveling trend. As the days pass by, more and more hotels might be attracted to adopt a pet-friendly policy. This is a good development, due to the fact that competition makes the services and prices a lot cheaper and better.

Sephora Couturier
Sephora Couturier
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