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Why do they all say "keep a dog but not a man"? Because of these points

Why do a lot of people say to keep a dog instead of a man? Actually, it's because of these things in male dogs, which are really terrible

By 孙小明Published 4 months ago 3 min read

In the end is a female dog or male dog, must be a lot of novice shovel poop officials tangled problem? Why do a lot of people say to keep a dog instead of a man? Actually, it's because of these things in male dogs, which are really terrible.

Netizens have said:

Netizen A: I used to raise a male dog, but recently I got a female dog. My God, the female dog is so good. It has refreshed our family's understanding of dogs.

Net friend B: I have a male dog. When excited, it is difficult to control, and he likes to fight, but he will be pressed on the ground and rubbed.

Reasons for not having a male dog:

Ⅰ Male dogs are more aggressive by nature

Male dogs are more aggressive than female dogs, especially when they meet men on the road, they start to lose their strength and like to fight.

If you win, you may have to pay medical bills. If you lose, you may have to pay medical bills for your dog.

I like to pee to occupy the territory

Probably every male dog can't get away with claiming territory, as you know if you have a male dog, you don't pee all at once every time you go out, you leave it to mark your territory,

There are male dogs in the home will also appear to pee to occupy the territory of the behavior, the stink of the home.

Ⅲ is not easy to tame

Male dogs are more active, energetic, territorial and not easy to tame.

Especially for novice shoveling officers more difficult to control, so it is best not to keep a male dog.

Ⅳ Male dogs are more likely to get lost

I'm not afraid to tell you, male dogs are more likely to get lost than female dogs, because male dogs are bolder and more curious and eager to get out in the world,

Sometimes the shovel poop officials don't pay attention to open the escape plan, if you can't find back shovel poop officials can be sad.

The male dog is too active

Many people don't keep male dogs because they can't stand the dynamic nature of male dogs.

Either jumping up and down or tearing down the house endlessly, very active easy to upset people, that is why we say that keep a dog do not keep a male.

Oestrus Ⅵ is terrible

If you've ever owned a male dog, you know how terrible it can be when it's in heat, when it's out there and it just wants to run around with other females, and when it's out there, it's like a bully,

It's terrible to do something embarrassing to the pooper. If you don't want to do that, the pooper can choose to spay or neuter your dog.

What should I pay attention to after spaying a male dog?

① The wound of male dog sterilization is not very big, but the shovel excrement officer should also pay attention to, do not touch the water, to observe the wound regularly, timely dressing to avoid wound infection.

(2) Male dogs after sterilization will have the risk of obesity, but after sterilization dogs need nutrition, so it is recommended to prepare a low fat and nutritious dog food to eat, to help recover and not grow fat.

After the dog spayed and neutered surgery, the effects of anesthesia, the wound will inevitably appear pain, it is recommended to shovel excrement officer to accompany the dog, but also appropriate to take some snacks to divert the attention of the dog.


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