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Why do cats and dogs always look out the window? What attracts them?

by xiaozi 2 months ago in cat
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It's no secret that cats are amazing creatures who spend 70 percent of their day sleeping, with the remaining 30 percent redistributed to daze, eat, play, etc. Cats also spend as little as two hours, or as much as five hours or more, by the window. What does it really mean to cats with a full schedule, and what attracts them?

1. Look forward to the outside world

Some officials believe that cats are longing for the outside world because they are confined to their houses for a long time, and leaning over the window means they want to get out. This is not without reason. Cats are small animals with strong curiosity. When their owners are not at home, the house is filled with objects that will not move. The birds in the sky, the occasional passer-by, the changing colors of the clouds, and the barking of the dog, all these things strongly attract the most perceptive kitten.

But do kittens really like life outside? It's not. Even most cats do not want to go outdoors. They have been accustomed to being kept in captivity for a long time, and although they are curious about the outside world, they will still be afraid to go outdoors. For domestic cats, the outdoors is strange.

So some people will find that their cats, although often looking out of the window, actually resist going outside, and even some cats have a serious stress response. In this case, taking the cat out will bring them some negative effects.

2. Other reasons why cats are "peeking" at Windows

So other than curiosity, what other reasons do kittens like to hang out in front of Windows? Here are five reasons you may not know.

In the sun

Cute cats like to hang out on balconies and Windows in warm places, perhaps simply to bask in the sun. Cats have a great sense of the sun, and the golden sun warms their fur, which is not only enjoyable for them, but also helps to disinfect them and reduce the risk of skin diseases in sunbathing kittens.

However, it is also important to be aware of the time of day when your cat basks in the sun. Too much sun can burn their skin. It is best to let your cat bake on the windowsill between the morning and 2pm.

Inspect territory

As the smallest "tiger", the cat is a very territorial animal, some zoologists once joked that as long as it is within sight of the place, it will be as its own territory, so there are many "cat master" and "cat emperor" story. Cats may spend a lot of time near Windows just to see if their territory is being invaded.

Simply in a daze

Sometimes a cat simply stares out the window. Instead of living in the vastness of nature and with only a small space to spare, cats face endless days of solitude and have learned to daze out the boredom of daily life. See the window edge of a daze cat do not disturb it, perhaps it is immersed in their own world.

Waiting for the master to come home

A cat's owner is a unique presence in the cat world. No cat toy or big room is as interesting as a cat without its owner. So if your window can see your way home, your cat will probably spend more time by the window, waiting for its young owner to come home. Ladies and gentlemen, go home to stay with the little cats, they are not our toys, but our partners, in their world, we are the only.

Hoping to find someone to love it

During THE spring and summer, when THE weather IS favorable, CATS that HAVE not been neuTERED WILL GO into heat. Like humans, cats crave love of their own. If there are no other cats of the opposite sex in the house, the window is where they look for their "one." Cats also attract the attention of the opposite sex by marking their urination and howling. If you don't have a plan to breed your cat, arrange for it to be spayed or neutered as soon as possible.

To sum up, why do cats always like to look out of the window? Because there is another world -- a world that can relieve the boring time, a world that can kill the loneliness of playing without the owner, a world where the cat is "king" and looks down on all living beings, a world where the sun is warm.

Of course, in order to ensure the cat owners a better window experience, owners should pay attention to regular inspection of the window, if there is damage, to timely repair, it is best to install a safety screen, so as to avoid cats accidentally fall injured (high-rise residents).

Shovel excrement officials, have you learned?


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