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Why did the "spot dog" gradually withdraw from the pet circle? It turned out to be suspected of these points

Have you heard of spots? Many people may be unfamiliar with this name now, but in the past, it was a big river north and south. Why did it gradually withdraw from the pet circle?

By 孙小明Published 12 days ago 3 min read

Have you heard of spots? Many people may be unfamiliar with this name now,

But in the past, it was a big river north and south,

Why did you gradually exit the pet circle? It turned out that these points were very suspicious!

What is the dog?

The scientific name of the spot dog is the Damaicho dog. Because the whole body has different sizes, it is also known as the "spot dog".

Because of the excellent running and bite ability, you should often be a race dog,

It is popular on the Internet because of a Disney cartoon "101 Loyal Dogs",

Pushing it to an unprecedented height, it can be said that it is the hottest dog, none of them.

Why did the spot dog gradually withdraw from the pet circle?

01 Due to the unstable temperament

Who doesn't want to have the same dog after watching "101 Loyal Dogs",

But the spot dog is not all expressed in cartoons. In fact, its temperament is not stable.

It belongs to the stable dog with poor stability, and the potential danger is relatively high.

Sometimes it even exceeds the controlled scope of the owner.

02 The face value is not necessarily high

There is also a very important reason for the spots of dogs to gradually exit the pet circle.

The value of this product is the same as the blind box,

Although the spots on the whole body are very unique, but the spots are long,

It may not grow where you want, in case of full -length face, it is really ugly.

03 Dense -intensive phobia cannot be raised

Black and white, the black and white color of the dog's body, interlaced each other,

For people with dense phobia, it is simply a blow.

And after a long time, it is easy to be dazzling and cause visual fatigue, so many people have been persuaded.

04 It is a banned dog

Its advantages have also become its disadvantages. The spots have an unparalleled speed and bite force.

But these two advantages are easy to have problems in the city, and it is also a large dog.

This can be a reason to ban it, and why, it is getting more and more.

05 Energy is very strong, a bit abandoned

Spots dogs have very developed muscles and non -general speeds,

It undoubtedly imply that they are potential "sports health generals",

But this is a great trouble for the owner,

Not only must there be a large enough breeding space, but also take it out for about two hours.

The key is that you are tired, it has just been warm up.

06 obedience is poor

Just like mentioned earlier, the stability of the spots is poor and the personality is unstable.

Its obedience is also very poor, and it takes a lot of effort.

Only by being able to raise it is obedient and obedient, it is really difficult to control if you haven't raised dogs.

If you have a spots, it is best to give it a good training of obedience since childhood,

It is better not to listen to you, it will be better to match snacks when training.

07 is really too much to eat

At this point, the shovel officer who has raised the spots should be deeply appreciated.

The body size is large, the amount of exercise is large, and the appetite is also large. The key is that it eats everything.

Maybe you haven't started after eating it. The cost of dog food every month is not ordinary.

But because of this, give it cheap goods,

It is easy to cause it to get sick. You can choose a cost -effective, high -quality and good dog food to feed.


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