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Why are Muppet cats' no good '? Wait until you've read the advice of senior cat owners

by xiaozi 4 months ago in cat
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When it comes to pet cats, the Muppet cat is one of the most pleasant breeds, and certainly one of the most attractive in terms of appearance. As a result, muppet cats are discussed more than any other pet cat breed

Muppet cats have always been loved by their owners, but many senior cat owners have published relevant views on the Internet, saying that Muppet cats can not be kept, which makes many cat owners who like Muppet cats feel confused. If you are new to raising a Muppet cat, read the in-depth introduction of professionals and then make your decision.

Reason one: From the point of view of character temper, poor expression will also appear character timid phenomenon.

Although cowardice is a common trait in most cat breeds, Muppet cats are particularly timid in character. Even with the host together, will often encounter the phenomenon of timidity and fear. Especially when they are injured, they don't even know to show it in front of their hosts. It's hard to spot if you don't have enough experience with cats. Other cats, when in pain from injuries, constantly tangle with their owners and are quickly spotted. Therefore, Muppet cats are different in this respect.

Reason 2: In terms of physical health, Muppet cats have weak digestive function.

If you have a muppet cat, you have to go and feed it every day. In view of the increasing number of cat food on the market, if the owner accidentally buys some cat food with pure grain ingredients to feed the puppet cat, it is easy to cause indigestion phenomenon. Daily manifestations are constant diarrhea, but also vomiting phenomenon. Compared to other cat breeds, the gastrointestinal function is significantly more fragile, so without enough experienced cat owners, it is difficult to get through the feeding process.

Problem three: the hair drop is serious

Cats generally shed twice a year, a drop half a year! And Muppet cats are long-haired cats. A pair of cat gloves can be made from the hair that someone else might lose in a year, while a Muppet can knit a sweater.

Others only know your puppet cute, but do not know the cute behind the hidden hair drop sad, on the sofa chair, bed! Floating all over the world

Anywhere in the house, sit down and stand up and be covered in hair....

The HOUSE HAS NOT BEEN CLEANED FOR a day, WHEN you walk from somewhere, the hair on the ground will fly up, let you feel the special effect of warrior walking with wind!

In fact, cats are very bad hair, but the puppet as a long hair cat and still large cats drop more, but in fact the problem of hair removal is relatively easy to solve, as long as the right tool on the line, here as a senior cat owners suggest that you can use a static hair mop.

This mop has two replaceable disposable mops, static dry wipes and antibacterial wipes, so it is specially made for families with pets!

Dust dry towel using friction to produce electrostatic → electrostatic adsorption, dust removal principle, such as hair, dust or flea eggs are relatively light substances can be very effective for removal.

A big body without a vacuum cleaner is cheaper and as efficient as a robot sweeper.

No need to plug in, use electricity, do not need to read the instructions, no use threshold, the whole family can easily start;

Even with a mop, it is less than the weight of a bottle of Coke, easy to use;

And, dust removal, decontamination, antibacterial one-stop service......

The MOST KEY IS, AFTER the FACT, do not need to clean, do not need to maintain, that is to throw, to lazy wife wife friendly!

Paper is spunspun non-woven material, the use of friction will produce static electricity, and the paper itself rolled structure can also increase physical adsorption, so as to achieve the best effect of collecting dust and hair.

To feel more intuitively under its "attraction", instant automatic attraction effect pull full.

And this mop doesn't stop there,

Its decontamination wipes are as good as the traditional mops at home.

Decontamination wipes are on the basis of dry paper, adding electrolytic water, benzazal chloramine 0.1%, polyaminopropyl bigguanidine 0.1%, surfactant, can be more powerful to stain.

Home children always spill drinks, this time with a wet towel, clean and sanitary.

There are more advanced antibacterial wipes for choice, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans has more than 90% antibacterial effect, after all, the children at home most of the time on the ground, the floor is not dirty, children are healthier ~

The paper of bacteriostatic wipes is thicker, and the surface texture design can increase the contact friction and improve the decontamination effect (the wipes have no electrostatic effect).

It's also more hydrated and feels better to use.


No need to wash, immediately throw, use method is super simple

Step 1: Press the paper onto the mop

It's just a simple fix at the four corners

Step 2: Start the tow directly

Hair and dust all gather together

Step 3: Throw away the paper

Say goodbye to the trouble of cleaning up

Dry paper through the hair dust, wet paper drag again decontamination antibacterial, with a throw, done!

And the mop is less than the weight of a bottle of Coke, it is effortless to pull up, even if the strength of the girl or the elderly single-hand operation is no problem.

The mop head is flexible and easy to use, and can penetrate into narrow gaps.

Whether it's wood, tile, marble, concrete... All kinds of surfaces are accessible.

In addition to floor cleaning

There are plenty of places to use it

In addition to mopping the floor, it can also wipe the table, Windows, wipe the face... A multi-purpose, where there is hair where can be used.

Window edge, cupboard crack place

Even the ceiling, air conditioning, cabinet top and other high places

And there is the addition of electrostatic adsorption

The dust at the top concentrated instantly

It won't end up all over your head

In short, tabletop, wall, floor...

"From heaven to earth," it doesn't matter

Click on the merchandise card below to "save" your home

Finally, I wish all the children can grow up healthily and happily


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