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Why a Yorkie Is One of the Best Pets

Best Decision You Will Make

By Jorge EscamillaPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Now, are all dogs the best pets? Yes. In my opinion, a human's personality can be matched to one of the hundreds of breeds of dogs that are out there. Dogs are our children, our best friend, our accomplice and the loves of our lives. But Yorkies are on another level, one of the best dog breeds to raise and keep by your side. But what makes them such good pets?

For starters, Yorkies are one of the most intelligent breeds of puppies. I constantly find myself talking to my Yorkie in human commands and he will listen and do as he's told. He will also recognize certain facial expressions and adequately responds to them. It is almost as if we have some kind of mental connection that he recognizes as our own and therefore allows us to communicate when needed. Many people say they wish pets could talk so we can know when they’re hurting but a Yorkie’s actions will leave you lacking of that feeling.

We as humans endlessly seek companionship throughout our lives. The warmth, love, and welcoming that a Yorkie will give you compares to no other and will cure any mental/emotional stress that might've went on during your day. There is no way you can continue to feel stressed after looking at those adorable faces and spending at least five minutes with them. I’ve never seen a more loving dog in my life. If you let them kiss you all night, they probably will. Considering therapy? Look no further!

A Yorkie dog's size makes it ideal for a pet owner who isn't ready for kids but still wants to feel the warmth and love of having a being falling asleep in your arms. They love cuddling! Even with your cat. Most people don’t want to deal with the fragility that is a teacup or tiny toy breed. Yorkies are small enough to fit in your arms but big enough to keep themselves away from potential harm. They even make amazing watchdogs without the aggressiveness. Though, a small little cutie pie acting tough is the funniest, most adorable thing you will ever see.

Who doesn't love a non-shed adorable being waiting for you at the door as you get home? They will make a party at your arrival. Though they are very playful, I promise the mess you'll be cleaning does not included any hair/dander. WARNING: Yorkies love stuffed animals and toys. They love them so much that they will destroy them to nothing so you’re forced to buy a new one. But trust me, it is the cutest annoying thing in the world.

R.I.P Mr. Snuggles!

Yorkies love baths. Yorkies love to be groomed. Yorkies love to be dressed in cute, comfortable clothes. Yorkies will be your child. If you’re home, there is a ninety nine percent guarantee that this beautiful creature will be sititng/laying/playing next to you.

On our loneliest days, our dogs are there for us. And on our brightest days, they are there to make them even brighter. We all have our personal preferences and there are hundreds of breeds to choose from. However, if you want a dog that has a little bit of everything plus more then get yourself a Yorkie. From a companion to even a watchdog, Yorkies are a one size fits all! I have completely fallen in love with dogs in general thanks to my piece of heaven, but mostly the Yorkshire Terrier breed. There is never a dull moment when you are a Yorkie parent. Take my word for it, you will not regret it.


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