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Whoo are you?

by Jamica Wallace 11 months ago in fact or fiction

By Jamica Wallace

Who who

Whhhoooo, Whhhhooooo, Whooooooo,

The old wise barn owl!!! The keeper of this sacred place,

Presents the question hidden in my deep inner space.

Who Are You? Why have you come to be?

Standing in the barn I look around and see. Black berry vines growing through the walls speak of the Power of nature and Life that always remains, from one form, to the next we dance through the walls of time? A root, a berry, a thorn, a seed, a giant barn, or a redwood tree.

The haystack slowly transmute now houses several fury little friends who make a point to always stay hidden. They scurry and scatter as fear is their pattern. Looking for scraps and all they can find. They are scared to see the giant shadow that stocks their every move the one who can always see. They always stay hidden away in the shadows scared of being seen. Fear is all they seem to be a constant state of being.

Across the barn is the family of snakes. They slither here and slither there. They are always hanging out down low with no perception of the view from up above. They miss all kinds of wonderful things; they just stay focused on surface things. They never desire to go beyond. Perfectly content to experience the belly side of life. Really, they seem calm.

Suddenly I can see hundreds of fireflies they dance with the rhythm of the music in the air. A quartet of frogs vibrate the songs ; I hear them sing their mating calls, singing that render, sounds so sweet. The fireflies dance and spin so beautifully, creating magic, I feel in the breeze. They light up the world so sweet with love in the night wind.

Who Are thee?

I hear again as I look up and see. The Barn owl is circling above me,

Why am I hear I call out too the forces that maybe, why Wise Barn Owl have you come to me?

Sudden in glorious beauty and mystery the Great owl appeared directly before me. Standing now tall as I. We could see eye to eye this giant owl staired directly at me. First there was fear I wanted to flee Surely this giant shadow predator was going to eat me.

I stood my ground, I faced my fear, I look directly in the eyes. What did I see?

My loving ancestors looking back at me. The owl had come to answer my prayer I silently spoke but was not aware.

Who are you?

I am the answer to your prayer, I am the legacy that lives on. I am the Now in our family song. Some days the fears keep me scurrying like the mouse and other days I can be so low I forget to look up. Today I am the blackberry vine yesterday I was the root. Today will create the fruit I receive tomorrow. We are never bound by walls of time. Our vine will reach the waters of life and our essence blows like pollen on the wings of the fireflies.

Who are you?

I am you!!!

You my child, were born to Fly.

You are I, I am you …

The barn Owl the keeper of the night.

Together we can always get a better view. Remember who you are and why you have come to this place. You are the keeper of this time and this space. You are wise, strong, and courageous too. I will come to help in all you do. Simply call upon me anytime and I will come to you. I will guide your way. I will give you a bird’s eye view.

Suddenly I was transformed, and I could see. Not through my eyes but from the perch way up on the roof at the very top of the barn. I could turn my head fully around and see all directions. Nothing was blocked from me. I could feel the wind dance through my feathers as I expanded my wings to take flight.

I look down and below the mouse ran scared of the shadow from my giant wingspan. I felt fear at first how could I fly? As I look down, I realize. The mouse was afraid of an illusion that created a fear. A shadow held no power it was only fear. It was I the creator of the illusion who held the power.

I could crawl on my belly like the snake or I could let go of the fear. Trust and have faith. I was born to fly. It is not my wings that carry me but the warm winds of the spirit that provide my flight. I trust and have faith I run and leap. My wings grab the air and baby I am soaring.

Higher and Higher I go feeling the freedom from faith that comes…

I hear in the distance

Whoooo whoooo whoooo…….. Are you?

Me…. I whisper as my eyes open and I am back in my bed…

Good morning! Lets take flight!

By Jamica Wallace

fact or fiction

Jamica Wallace

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Jamica Wallace
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