The Pack


We can learn so much from wolves!

They live so closely as a “Pack” (or family) that it is impossible to break the pack. True, there is the dominant ‘alpha’ pair --- but someone needs to be in charge. Siblings babysit siblings, caring for their little brothers and sisters. And when it’s time to hunt, the pack will hunt and feed together.

Have you ever heard a wolf howl?

Imagine hearing the whole pack!

As with all things within nature, we as humans can learn from “the Pack.” Family or not, we are all human, flash and blood, struggling to survive within this world in which we live. We can look after and out for each other. Yes, someone ‘has’ to be in charge, but we can still love, help and be there for one another. We do have to be careful as there are some ‘strange people’ around, but most of us are decent, kind and honest. We just want to help and we sometimes we need help ourselves.

Have you seen how ‘cautious’ a wolf is? Have you seen how ‘loving’ a wolf is? We can only learn from these beautiful and strong animals.


A favourite animal of mine is ‘the Cat.’

These cute animals are very loving and each one has its own personality and they are very independent. The domestic cat relies on us humans to feed and care for them. We keep these little fluffs of fur warm in our homes, and they purr so loudly when we stroke and cuddle them.

Have you seen the kitten playing? They are so ‘Cute’!

What about the wild cats? Well, we can’t cuddle them but we can learn about them from the many documentaries that are available today. Each ‘Cat’ is Unique in its own way, whether it be a lion, tiger or cheetah. The cheetah is the fastest land mammal on Earth, and yet it is built like a dog but IS a cat. The tiger is the largest of the cats, much bigger than a man. The lion (like the wolf) will live together as a “Pride” (or a family). The lionesses are so ‘close’ that they will even suckle each other’s cubs. And, like wolves, lions will hunt and feed as a “Pride.” Thankfully, these wild cats are protected today as hunting them is banned worldwide. National Parks and Zoos are helping to preserve and increase the number of these beautiful, wild animals.


Dolphins can! They just belong in the Oceans of this Earth. Have you heard these marine mammals sing? What a Peaceful sound for the mind.

Dolphins seem to be here to cheer us up.

Born with a smile, dolphins seem so happy ‘dancing’ in and out of the waters, singing as they go. They live in “Pods” (again, family groups), sometimes as many as 25 at a time. They are very sociable, not just caring for one another, but also love to be with other marine creatures, such as the humpback whale.

Isn’t it most peoples dream to swim with dolphins?

These gentle swimmers have been known to protect a man or a woman (or even a dog), warning off sharks, even as we ‘warn off’ predators to protect those we love, surrounding our loved ones with love and kindness, helping each other as we travel through the choppy seas of human history.


Look up in the sky and see the birds flying high. Like the dolphins swimming within the Oceans, the birds fly high within the skies, born to glide above our heads.

Birds are every colour, every size and sing every song.

We occasionally see these beautiful creatures when they rest on a branch and nest in the tree, or when they feed from the many bird feeders we put out for them. A robin had been known to follow a gardener around, waiting for worms to be dug up, to have a nice meal. The jay can often be heard in the garden trees, though not always seen.

The ‘dawn chorus’ sings every morning, even as the ‘evening chorus’ sings every night. Every bird has its ‘own’ voice, even as we humans have our own ‘voices.’ When a bird songs, how many of us stop, look up and just listen? --- It is such a ‘homely’ sound.


Under the Oceans of the Earth, the marine life (that we know of) is so ‘diverse’ that we can only ‘learn’ from them. Sharks and dolphins, stingrays and jellyfish, whales and manatees --- as well as the fishes and plant life. So many different species, of every colour, size and sound.

And yet, we are just touching the ‘surface’, as we cannot (yet) go down to the deep depths of these Oceans.

This ecosystem has survived for millions of years. Even though there is such a diversity of species (including the plant life) each one ‘knows’ how to live with the other.

We humans are ‘learning’ to live with each other. We also have a diversity of peoples, each having their own culture and ‘colour’ and we are learning ‘how’ to live with each other, in our ‘ecosystem’ on land.

Ruth Elizabeth Stiff
Ruth Elizabeth Stiff
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