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What's the difference between a pet cat and a local cat?

by bobo 2 months ago in cat
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Now more and more people keep cats, some people like English short cat, American short cat and other pet cats, but also many people prefer the Chinese rural cat, which is often referred to as the local cat. So what's the difference between a pet cat and a local cat?

One difference: price

Because pet cats need to be artificially bred, breed selection and other reasons, and the purchase channel is complex, there are layers of middlemen, etc., these costs will be directly transferred to consumers, so the price of pet cats is generally relatively high, even ordinary, common pet cats, may need about 1000 to trade.

Local cats are born and bred in China, and there is no human intervention in the breeding process, so the number of large, low cost, the price of rural cats is very close to the people, you can buy a few tens of yuan, and sometimes even on the street can be taken back, without any cost.

Difference two: physical quality

Pet cats generally pay attention to blood, sometimes in order to taste good, may also be inbred, so most pet cats will have genetic defects, may also suffer from some congenital genetic diseases, the constitution will be relatively poor, raise more trouble.

Local cats usually mate naturally and may cross with different breeds. The advantage of this mating is that the good genes are passed on and the bad genes are eliminated. So the local cat's body will be relatively strong, not easy to get sick, and the ability to adapt to strong, give it a meal to eat, can feed.

Difference three: viability

Many pet cats are artificially bred and do not have the survival skills inherited from their ancestors. Some even have the basic skills to catch mice. Once wandering, they cannot survive alone.

Local cat is the survival of the fittest after thousands of years of survival of the species, the ability to adapt to the environment is very strong, and hunting skills first-class, fighting strength, no matter where, can mix the wind and water, survival ability is better than pet cats.

Difference four: daily care

Due to genetic reasons, most pet cats are fragile, poor health, easy to get sick, so the daily care needs patience, careful, and medical expenses are a lot of expenses.

Local cat body is strong, not picky about food, easy to meet, basic need to give it food, can live very well, do not need the owner to worry about.

Difference five: temperament

Pet cats because after manual selection, will also be domesticated, so the personality is generally docile, temper is also better, and even take the initiative to please the owner, like to stick to the owner.

The ancestors of the hyenas were self-sufficient and needed to solve all their own problems, so they developed a strong personality, and today's domestic hyenas have inherited this trait, so they tend to be relatively wild and may have a short temper.

Of course, if you treat the local cat carefully, for a long time, it will slowly fall in love with you, will also put away their "thorns", become gentle, easy to get along with. The more the pet owner interacts with the local cat, the more receptive it will be to you. At the time of interaction, can properly reward some snacks to it, it will be more happy, snacks to recommend the "wonderful freeze-dried duck grain", artificial selection of duck meat, quick frozen, lock nutrition in duck, opened the package, without any artificial additives and the taste attractant, instead have light meat flavor, very suitable for cats to eat.

Difference six: appearance level

There are many pet cat varieties, various forms, round face, flat face, standing ears, folded ears, long legs, short legs, long hair, short hair, hairless and so on, all kinds of, there is always a let you heart.

The appearance level of the local cat is not bad, there are many kinds, like the fairy Linqing lion cat, handsome cat cat, lovely big orange cat, clever cow cat and so on, the appearance level of each local cat is not inferior to any kind of pet cat.

However, whether it is a pet cat, or local cat, want to cat appearance level, usually must pay attention to do a good job of nursing, diet should also pay attention to, it is recommended to choose a cat also deep sea fish oil cat food as the staple food.

I HAVE to say: in fact, whether it is a pet cat, or local cat, as long as it is their favorite, is the most suitable cat, no matter what to keep what cat, since began to raise, it is necessary to take good care of it, responsible for it for a lifetime!

Do you like local cats or pet cats? Feel free to share pictures of your cat in the comments section


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