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What really happens when you go sea swimming with your dog!

by Abbey Mackie about a year ago in dog

Swimming lessons and rescue missions

Meet Cara, Cara is a 15 month fox red Labrador and like all labradors she loves the water. Up until this adventure she had only really gone up to her legs so you could say this was her first proper swimming lesson!

Now I’m a swimmer (I also play underwater hockey) and even before lockdown did the occasional wild swim so you could say I am more than comfortable in the water (Cara does not agree) As Cara is the golden “child” and the baby of the family, we agreed to help her learn her limits I would go into as well. Of course I was delighted I love the sea and dogs so what more could I have asked for and we picked a wonderful night too, however Cara being forever the comic made it a hilarious adventure.

It’s started out well following me beautifully and swimming for the first time until they hear a shriek from the beach (from me) as Cara thinks a snorkel is a toy for retrieving and taking back to mum on the beach...

She also didn’t like me going out to deeper water, so kept trying to “rescue” and retrieve me by swimming round me to get to swim back to shore. However this was very tiring as I love the water so she decided she needed a cuddle. I had to tread water while holding her up and a 30kgs that was no easy feat but we managed to swim back for a little rest on the beach.

Then it’s time for a big swim across the beach. Yes, she may think my filppers are for retrieving but we are living the dream!

Cara leaves my side for a bit to play with another dog, so I swim on my own and spot crab. Now I’m terrified of crabs but I also want to get a cool picture and over come my fear so I take a shallow dive. Waiting to the dust to settle I’m super focused on the crab position I’m watching it very carefully. Just me in the Sea and this crab.

I let out a large shriek that’s audible from the shore as a large mass collided into my back. My first thought what sea creature was this ! As I surfaced I realised it was only Cara, she thought I was drowning and had come to save me. So we swim back to shore.

We go for one final swim back across the beach (easier than walking with fins) and Cara opts to stick in the shallows with the occasional swim behind me. We finally reach the bit before the car and it’s time to come home however I don’t come in. Cara gives a little sigh and comes out to retrieve me one last time.... however out of tiredness decides she wants a ride on back and flattens me, I disappear under the water however my underwater training means I stay cool while being pinned down and swim us to shore. As the water gets shallower, I emerge to my mother unable to stop laughing! Still lying pinned down in the shallows, Cara remains on my back for a few extra heart beats I’m not sure if it was out of exhaustion or not but I got her message loud and clear “No more swimming today sister! I need a nap!”


Abbey Mackie

Art, photography, animals, digital marketing and underwater hockey are the pillars that hold up my creativity!

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Abbey Mackie
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