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What Personality Type Is Your Cat?

by Johnnie McArdle 4 years ago in cat
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Determine the personality type of your cat just by observing the unique character traits he or she may share with you.

Humans have been cast into different personality types for ages and these are very specific for each individual. Cats, according to online research, are cast differently using breed, typical characteristics, and behavior—rather than personality. Cats, however, do have different personality types.

Personality Definition

Depending on where you look, there are various definitions for the word "personality." The one I prefer for cats comes from and states, "The visible aspect of one's character as it impresses others."

In describing the character of a human, a cat, or any living thing, our first thoughts go to what we notice the most about them. For a human, it could be honesty or a good work ethic. For a cat, it could be affectionate or finicky. I would like to take this one step further by using character traits to show personality types.

The Communicator

My husband and I currently have three cats, all of which were born in our home. Tipster is just over two years old, and Rollie and Mustard are just over one year old.

Tipster is all black with just a tip of white on his tail. We chose to keep him because he was the quietest kitten in the litter, but our first impression proved to be totally incorrect.

We have placed Tipster in the personality type of "The Communicator." He does not just meow, he communicates his wants and needs with great demanding emphasis. If something does not suit him, he will grumble, using his voice in a string of low, guttural sounds that can go on as long as 10 seconds. When he comes in from the outdoors, his meow is fast and constant as he jumps onto each of our laps to greet us. When he wishes my husband to lie down so he can make biscuits on his stomach, he heads for the bedroom meowing slowly, yet loudly, to be certain his want is known. He has learned, somehow, to use his voice in varying tones and speed to communicate with us.

The Alerter

Rollie is a gray and black-striped tabby cat. We have given Rollie the personality type of "The Alerter." In the morning when our 16-year-old Schnauzer has to go out, Rollie will leap onto the bed and meow in my face. He will continue until I rise and get the dog leash. When Tipster goes outside and is meowing at the door to come back in, Rollie will immediately go to the door to alert us that Tipster is out there. When the evening feeding of wet food is due, and no one is moving to do the job, Rollie will come and alert us that we are shirking our duty.

Rollie is definitely one whose alerts cannot be ignored because he has a very strange and loud meow that has been timed to go on for nearly 20 seconds. He uses his voice like a siren to alert us to anything he feels is necessary for us to pay attention to, including him.

The Baby

Mustard is the color of brown mustard with various light markings over his body. The personality type given to Mustard is "The Baby." He has his very needy moments throughout the day and will follow me around the house crying. When I turn around to him, he gets on his hind legs and stretches his front legs up like a toddler, letting me know he wants to be picked up. He will settle comfortably over my left shoulder and snuggle his nose into my neck. The positioning is much like holding an infant. In the evenings while we are watching a show, he will jump up and put his paws on my shoulder to let me know that he wants his cuddle time. He will sleep in this infant position for as long as I let him.

Mustard could also be deemed "The Greeter" because he is the one who greets us when we come home. He also greets the other cats and anyone else who comes into our home. No one gets in without saying hello to him first.

Casting Personality Types

Casting personality types for your cat is a just-for-fun activity. There is no scientific basis for it. It is just your own observation in how unique your cat is and noticing those character traits that stand out. If nothing else, if you decide to try and determine a personality type for your cat, you will begin to notice things that you have never noticed before. With some cats, there is no guess work because their traits are obvious, but in others, determining their type may be a bit more difficult. Have fun with it and know that your cat is one of a kind.

Johnnie McArdle is a writer at an app promotion service and a coffee enthusiast.


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