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What is the pet safety knowledge?

by Clara 2 months ago in how to
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Today let me tell you how to keep pets safe

How to be safe with pets

Do not leave pets and children alone, especially sleeping together in an unsupervised room.

Do not feed children in front of pets, especially foods with strong flavors. Prevent pets from grabbing food.

Do not let children approach dogs that have raised their lips, bared teeth, ruffled back hair, barked, or backed away, or cats that have arched backs, erect back hairs, retracted ears, and screaming loudly. When the small animal is too excited, the child should also be protected, and be careful that he is pushed down or injured.

Let your kids know that being around pets can sometimes be dangerous. Insist on the following behaviors: poking the animal's eyes, ears, or putting your hand in the pet's mouth, dragging the pet's tail or ripping its fur.

Tell the children: Do not disturb pets when they are eating, sleeping, or holding toys. When waking up sleeping animals, keep a certain distance, and try to use an ultrasonic bark stopper for pet dogs.

When you hold your child on the couch, don't let the pet on the sofa, it will give the child the upper hand in the pet-pet relationship, and it may also be an encouragement to aggression.

When you hold your child on the couch, don't let the pet on the sofa, it will give the child the upper hand in the pet-pet relationship, and it may also be an encouragement to aggression.

If your home has a lot of guests, don't let it surround the guests. Many people and strangers will make it exciting, and the people who come to the house will definitely focus on the child, which will make it jump around the child and scream. So the best way for parents to focus on children and pets at the same time, to prevent accidents.

Teach the child the seriousness of the commitment and promise not to let him lose interest in pets after a few weeks; tell the child that pets can be traumatized by his neglect.

Special note: Pay attention to the history of allergies at home. If your family is allergic to animal hair, skin, bird feathers, or your baby has eczema, fever, asthma, or your family has genetic allergies, you must take these factors into consideration when choosing a pet, and try to consult a pediatrician doctors and veterinarians.

Pet health tips

1. Are pet infectious diseases contagious to humans?

Yes. But not all pet infectious diseases are contagious to humans. For example, the most common dog distemper, parvovirus disease, canine infectious hepatitis, parainfluenza, etc. will not be transmitted to humans, while rabies will be transmitted to humans. Rabies is usually transmitted by the bite of an infected animal.

2. Is rabies only transmitted by dogs?

Rabies is not only spread by dogs, but also by almost all warm-blooded animals, such as cats, pigs, cows, mice, etc. Therefore, once bitten (or scratched) by such an animal, you should immediately go to the human epidemic prevention department to inject rabies vaccine to prevent the disease.

3. Can a person be bitten by a dog that has been vaccinated (rabies, etc.) without vaccination?

Vaccinations are also required. Dog vaccination is to prevent the occurrence of rabies and other infectious diseases in dogs, that is to say, after the dog is injected with rabies vaccine, the corresponding infectious diseases will generally not occur, but it cannot be ruled out that these dogs may be healthy with (virus) virus. After a person is bitten (or scratched) by a dog, the virus will still be transmitted to humans through the wound. Therefore, it is still necessary to go to the human health and epidemic prevention station to inject rabies vaccine in time.

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