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What is it like to have a fat cat?

by Taufik Olu 2 months ago in cat
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Do you think fat cats will be more cute

Nowadays, the aesthetics of cats are generally "fat is beautiful".

So cat owners are desperate to fatten up their cats, thinking that round-faced cats will be more adorable.

So, what is the experience of having a fat cat?

The first is the welfare of the pooper scooper: the feel of the cat will be better.

Just like people, thin people are bones, touching them is not comfortable at all, and so are thin cats.

Fat cats not only look like they give a better feeling of hair quality but jerking up is also.

Touch the soft, even the mood will change for the better.

The second is that fat cats in the demolition of the home will make people a little less worried.

Why do you say so?

When cats are fat, they become lazy, they will be too lazy to move.

Although it is said that cats are far less capable of demolishing homes than dogs, fat cats will also have much less demolition strength compared to thin cats.

Maybe the daily routine is to eat and sleep, sleep and eat.

The next thing is that fat cats really can not hold ah.

When cats are small, the pooper scooper can hold them with one hand.

But as they grow older, until their weight soared to a dozen or even twenty pounds or so, you will find that holding the cat for a while will feel tired.

Also, some cats like to sleep on the chest of the pooper scooper at night.

Imagine, a dozen pounds of cat sleep on your body, there is a "chest crushing" feeling it.

Many owners have complained before, the cat sleeping on their own body, but also caused their breathing difficulties!

The last is the concern for the cat's health

Although it is said that fat cats, whether from the feel or other aspects, are more like thin cats.

But always too fat on the cat's body is a certain impact.

So some pooper scoopers worry about their cats' health from time to time: what to do? How to bring down the cat's weight.

The cat is too fat for its health, so here are some ways to lose weight for your cat.

-1 Refuse to let the cat eat buffet

Some pooper scoopers feeding cats is very Buddhist, pouring cat food in the bowl, cats want to eat let them eat.

But for those very gluttonous cats, this is not a good way to feed them.

If you have fat cats at home and want to give them a diet, make your cat refuse to eat buffets and choose a regular feeding method.

Also, stop the cat's snacks and switch to low-carb, high-function ratio cat food.

-2 Increase the amount of exercise for cats

Cats will become lazy when they get fat, so increasing the amount of exercise for cats requires the participation of the pooper scooper.

Put some climbing equipment at home, and also the pooper scooper should interact more with the cat to make it move.

-3 When raising a cat, do not feed canned cat food.

Cats do not like to drink water, and feeding cats canned food with high carbohydrates can give them sufficient nutrition and water, leading to fattening.

-4 It is not possible to de-sex a cat.

After the cat is de-sexed, the hormones in the body are easily imbalanced and it is very easy to eat fat, which is now the main reason why most cats suddenly become fat.

"Although fat cats are good, don't be greedy"!

That is to say, although fat cats are cute, the health of the cat is more important, right?

I hope pooper scoopers can think rationally and take the initiative to help cats lose weight when they are found to be too fat.


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