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What is Animal Fostering?

Kameron Westcott gives a look behind the scenes of animal fostering

By Kameron WestcottPublished about a year ago 2 min read
What is Animal Fostering?
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Animals are some of the most vulnerable beings on this planet. Although there are various pets that are adored by their loving owners, there are other animals that have been susceptible to abusive behavior or that roam the streets in search of shelter or food scraps.

While many humans wish they could adopt all of these animals to keep them from harm, it wouldn’t be feasible to run a hotel for dogs, cats, or other animals in need. However, one area that is always in need of volunteers is animal fostering.

What is Animal Fostering?

Similar to fostering a child, fostering a pet allows individuals to provide a loving home for animals in need, caring for them until they are adopted into another home. Animal humane leagues do not always have the space available to house every animal that comes their way. Volunteering as an animal foster will benefit the shelter and help provide a space for the animal to receive care and adjust to the home environment before being adopted. Taking on this role will ultimately help save lives and give hope to countless animals. You’ll be able to experience the joys of hosting a pet in your home without having the lifetime responsibility of caring for their wellbeing.

Animal fostering requires you to provide a space in your home for a pet and dedicate enough time in a day to play with the fosters. However, as much as you’ll form a relationship with this animal, you also have to remember that it will eventually be relocated to another home. Many individuals who take up animal fostering eventually end up adopting one of the pets, but this is not the case for everybody. While it will be difficult to deny the infatuation you’ll grow with the animal, remember not to grow too overly attached that you won’t be able to say goodbye.

In preparation for animal fostering, it will also likely be required that you attend training prior to receiving your first foster. Due to the conditions that some of these animals faced, some may pose more behavioral issues than others. As you work on training the animal and getting it ready for adoption, it will require your cooperation, patience and contextual understanding to be able to properly care for the animal.

Prior to receiving your first foster, your partnering organization may need to conduct a home visit and require proof of vaccinations for any pets you already have living inside the home. After these preliminary steps are taken care of, you’ll be one step closer to offering a hopeful future to animals that are brought into your home.

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