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What happens when you keep your cat indoors for life?

by bobo 2 months ago in cat
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If all cats are classified and analyzed according to their living environment, they can be divided into three categories

Pet cats (captive), stray cats (free-range, self-supporting), rural farm cats (free-range, but fed).

Recently I saw a topic on the Internet: what would happen if cats were kept in captivity at home all their lives?

Several of them shared their experiences with people around them who had cats. One person replied, "Someone around me has kept his cat in his basement for two years."

It was a stray cat. Originally, the man was kind and intended to give the stray cat a good living environment. So he took the stray cat back to his house, but the cat scratched his lover and child as soon as it got home.

He could not bear to leave the cat outside, could not bear to let the stray cat die.

So he ended up keeping the cat in the basement.

This pass, is 2 years, every day to bring the cat food and water, will also regularly change the cat litter.

However, the cat's condition deteriorated and he lived for only two years after being kept in the basement for two years.

Can cats be kept indoors for life?

Let's start with the conclusion: pet cats can. It takes a long time for cats to adapt to living outside from a young age.

If you buy a pet cat, from the moment that the pet cat arrives at your house, it has not been outside, even what the outside world is like to them.

Even when you take them to get vaccinated and bathed, they are kept in cages and can't see out.

This pet cat can be kept indoors all the time. After all, in addition to bedrooms, there are living rooms, balconies, bathrooms, secondary bedrooms, etc.

There's plenty of room for the cat to move around.

If you have two cats in your house, your cat will be less lonely.

Then there are the free-range farm cats in the countryside.

Rural cats can also be bred in captivity, but the difficulty is larger.

From my observations around me, and from the rural families where I come from that have cats, they tend to have more spiritual cats.

Hungry, it's time to sleep, just know to go home; The rest of the time, hang out.

No one knows where the cats have gone, but they will come home when they feel like it.

But the thing is, these cats are tough, and even if you wanted to keep them in captivity, it would take a long time.

It can be harder for stray cats to fully adapt to being kept indoors.

What happens to cats kept indoors all their lives?

Let me tell you about my cats.

There were two cats. It was extreme.

One is an English short blue cat, especially like to go out to play, longing for the outside world; If let it seize the opportunity, it will certainly escape to go out, when they play tired, and then go home.

While living in his hometown, the English short and blue cat got into the habit of playing outside; After living in the community, the cat still yearned for the outside world, but feared it would never come back, so he never let it out again.

And the other cat, a cow cat, a pure farm cat.

How timid is he?

As soon as I got him out of the house, ready to take him for a walk, the cat freaked out. Although it also sits on the balcony every day, looking at the outside world and scenery.

But I know, its eyes are flying outside the insects and birds, is outside the wind and grass.

But it's killing him to let him go out and play.

These two cats are two extremes of personality.

So it's perfectly fine for a cat to be kept indoors for the rest of its life.

However, if you keep your cat in a small space, such as the bathroom, storage room, basement, cage.

This can lead to loneliness, unhappiness and even the end of a cat's life.

While cats are comfortable being left alone, cats also need company.

Is your cat free-range or captive?


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