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What Comes After

by Lindsay Birge about a year ago in literature
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One Dogs Journey to The Other Side

Ozzy opened his eyes, squinting in the bright light. "Where am I?" He spoke.

"You're in the best place ever."

Ozzy immediately remembered the voice from his younger days. "Daisy?" He questioned. It looked like her, but younger, stronger. But how could that be? He hadn't heard her voice in such a long time.

"Don't be afraid," Daisy the dachshund assured him. "Look around, see for yourself."

Ozzy looked and suddenly a field ripe with spring life began to flow before him. Flowers bloomed in the luscious green grass. Red, purple, yellow. A tree began to sprout from the ground and knot to form a beautiful shady oasis next to a lazy flowing creek. Ozzy looked at Daisy, "It's beautiful!"

Daisy started to walk away, Ozzy, not knowing much about this fantastical place began to trail behind her, taking in a deep breath of the crisp spring air.

"So, is this a dream?" He asked as he trotted along behind Daisy, taking in the beauty. He noticed he felt full of energy, it seemed easier to move than before. He felt no ache in his joints. He felt like he could run for miles. As he followed, he looked down at his paws, they shown sleek and black as a raven with hints of caramel.

"Strange," he pondered, "No gray. "

Daisy watched his puzzled face as he looked down at his paws, realizing that he was taking in his new look she said, "Look in the stream. See what your reflection shows."

Ozzy slowly walked over to the stream. Looking down he saw himself, but a version he had not witnessed in such a long time. The usual gray that flecked his brows was missing, no gray on his chin either. Only the same smooth black fur as his paws. His tail began to dance to and fro at the handsome pup staring back at him.

"What is this place?" He asked softly.

"Welcome to heaven, Ozzy," Daisy congratulated with joy, "No pain, no suffering, just an eternity of happiness!" Suddenly it all clicked in Ozzy's mind. He remembered moments before the bright light.

Tears were flowing from his family’s eyes as they gathered around him on the living room floor. He longed to comfort them, but a deep sleep was pulling at him. He looked a final time at his family before finally letting the sleep take him. He had gone to heaven.

"What about our people?" Ozzy asked trotting alongside Daisy over to the top of a hill that over looked the beautiful meadow. It went on for miles, kissing the horizon. A blue sky bloomed before him. Daisy came to a stop at the top of the hill where he saw other familiar faces; Michelle, Daphne, Sampson, Gypsy, pets his family had lost before, and a Man with flowing royal purple robes. Instantly Ozzy knew who the man was, he had known Him before he had come to earth, long before he had met his people.

"We wait to greet them here in heaven," The Man replied, sitting amongst them in the grass. Ozzy wagged his tail and laid down beside The Man, resting his head on his lap. Drowsily he sighed a sigh of peace as The Man began to stroke his soft fur. Ozzy was finally home where he would spend his days, relaxing and playing, always waiting to greet his family when the time came.


About the author

Lindsay Birge

My name is Lindsay and I have always loved writing. My favorite things to write are feel good stories and anything with animals. Thanks for reading!

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