What Breed Is Your Dog, Really? Find Out with Embark

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What breed is your dog? Embark has a kit you can use to find out.

What Breed Is Your Dog, Really? Find Out with Embark

If you really think about it, there's no such thing as a purebred dog. Every dog breed is actually made of a mixture of older (possibly extinct) dog breeds, plus dogs that carry some new traits that are considered desirable by breeders.

For example, the Dogo Argentino breed was made from a mix of the Cordoban Fighting Dog, Pit Bulls, and other breeds. Though Dogo Argentinos are considered purebreds, the truth is that they are still a mix of other breeds. So, to a point, you have to wonder what your "purebred's" roots really are.

Dog owners who have mutts are probably even more curious to find out what breeds exist within their furry friend. Is he part Rottweiler? What about his stubby Daschund-like legs?

I know I've wondered, "What breed is your dog?" while taking my dog for a walk. If you've ever wondered what breed your dog is, you're in luck. A genetic testing company called Embark has set out to create kits that show you your dog's true family history in great detail.

The best way to explain what Embark is would be to call it the "23 and Me" of dog breeds. It's a genetic testing kit that's designed by vets for people who want to find out more details about their dog's heritage.

This test tracks over 200,000 different genetic markers that can trace where your canine companion's roots really come from. It can even test for wolf and coyote genes!

Along with telling you what breed your dog is a descendant of, it also tests for genetic illnesses.

One of the downsides of dog ownership, particularly when you're dealing with dogs that have been declared purebred, is the higher risk of genetics-borne illnesses.

It's not a secret that many breeds are prone to cancers as an ugly side effect of years of inbreeding. If you are a pet owner concerned about your dog's wellbeing, using Embark will help you figure out what your dog is at risk of falling sick with.

Breeders can use this as a way to help produce healthier pups. Dog owners can use this as a way to make sure that vets spot warning signs of life-threatening cancers or diseases faster than ever before.

To begin using the Embark kit, you will need to create an account with them. Your account will be linked to your dog's test results.

Embark doesn't require a blood sample to work; all you need to do is take a cotton swab and rub the inside of your dog's cheek with it for a couple of seconds. Then, just send the swab in for a detailed health screening unlike anything else you've ever witnessed.

Within two to four weeks, Embark users will receive a live update on the site, complete with all the medical information scientists can glean from their pup's cheek swab.

The test results offer amazing insight into your dog's health and aging process.

The amount of detail in these tests cannot be understated. It makes sense, considering that Embark is partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine—one of the best schools in the world for veterinary medicine.

They don't just explain what breed your dog is; they explain what your dog's biological parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were as well. The test looks for over 250 different dog breeds, as well as over 160 different genetic diseases. Trying to figure out if you really picked up one of the dog breeds for families with allergies from a breeder? That's no longer a problem with this kit!

The Embark test kit also comes with details about your dog's breeds.

Along with telling you what breeds your dog has in their genes, Embark takes the extra step to help educate owners about dog breeds. Every dog breed that is cataloged in the kit comes with a quick writeup about the breed's unique traits.

This lets you learn what breed your dog is channeling when he's howling at your neighbors, or why he may have a penchant for being stubborn with sitters.

You can even find your dog's relatives through the test.

Do you have a neighbor who you believe has a dog that looks uncannily like your own pooch? If you're wondering whether or not your dogs are related, you might want to grab a couple of Embark Kits.

Embark comes with the Doggy DNA Relative Finder as a standard feature for users. This feature lets you discover where your dog's relatives are located in the world, so long as they are also Embark users. The more people test their dogs, the more relatives you can find in their database.

In addition to getting test results, you also get a special Embark dog tag.

Along with offering safer bills of health, the team behind Embark made it a point of helping owners reunite with lost pets thanks to their high tech dog tag, easily attachable to any DIY dog collar ideas your pooch will love.

The Embark dog tag will help you ensure that your dog will be safely returned to you, should he get lost. It's made out of missile-grade steel, and has a link to Embark's site and a phone number that can help Embark act as a middle man to reunite you with your dog should there ever be a need.

All your dog's genetic info is available on your Embark profile for you to use.

Knowledge is power, and this means that you should have knowledge about your dog's breed at your fingertips. You can use it to show your veterinarian, share the news with friends, or even just read up on your dog's health.

All the details about your dog's data is available on your profile, and can be downloaded in raw form.

Access your dog's information anywhere at any time.

Embark, if you can't guess, is a predominately techy company with a lot of awesome perks. One of those perks is the flexibility that comes with having data at your command.

You can access Embark right from the company's easy to use website, losing absolutely no user experience from their mobile interface. This lets you learn about Fido the way you feel most comfortable, no matter where you are in the world.

Embark is trusted by vets for its accuracy.

If you have ever wanted to give DNA testing for your dog a chance, getting Embark is the only way you can make it happen. This kit is the only DNA kit for dogs on the market, but it has still been recognized by veterinarians for its ultra high accuracy results when considering ways to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Giving your dog a test like this will yield surprising results in many situations. You never know when someone is going to come up to you and ask, "What breed is your dog?" And who knows? It might just help you embark on a new journey of learning about your favorite furry friend.

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